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Transform and ROLL OUT!!!!!!

Hey Folks,

Here is some new artwork that I illustrated for Hasbro while I was on my semi-vacation. Some are just layouts and some final lineart art pieces. Sorry mates -- none in color. Special thanks to Hasbro for giving me permission to show these on my blog:


Here is a quick Optimus Prime Sketch, played with the perspective and tried to give him that SUPER tall look. This was done in pencil first then edited with Photoshop brush.


                Here are a few quick ACTION Poses of Megatron and Optimus. Comin At Yuh!


Heres a shot of a worms eye view of Megatron on the left. I like the skinny leg look on Megatron. I try to incorporate as much of the original first gen. toys into my TF artwork as much as possible but still giving it this heavy and detailed look.


                                                                   Megatron from the movie.


                                                           Optimus Prime from the Movie.

Last but not least -- here is a secret comic book project I am developing with a few friends in Asia. Sorry -- this is all I can show at this moment in time. I think there has been a few newspaper articles about this in Hong Kong already  >_<!!! I'm having a blast working on it since it deals with... Extraterrestrials.


Off to the Book Fair!!

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ahhh this is very cool I like this one the most.. though I grew up watching the transformers.. I still sneak around and watch them in my old age :)
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Wow such a fabulous artwork. Transform and Roll Out! Please visit our fan site if you have time: http://transformersph.blogspot.com/
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I quite like the black-n-white drawings.. so much details... =) I like it...
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Hi Pat, Can I ask for a Favor? Can we feature your artwork on our site? http://transformersph.blogspot.com/, maybe we can just put a little description and provide the link pointing here so that TF fans would love to see your artworks. Regards, daomisyel
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you are BADASS!
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Oh this looks fab!! Very intriguing.
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Dude talk about living a dream. Awesome work.
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thanks to hasBRO!
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
wow, sweet! it looks a bit different from your other transformers...
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Photo 1410
oh! was just wondering why the upper parts of the legs (the thighs? LoL!) were so sleek. HAhAh! a tad like those huge robots in jap manga. anyhoos, it's awesome!
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Photo 52064
wow, I feel something dramatic things!
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Hi Pat lee, ur drawing are amazing
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Zhouxiaofei 88 zhouxiaofei
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it's really cool hope i can do like u one day @0@~!
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Photo 23799
ohh, nice detail.
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One Shall Stand.......One Shall Fall........brilliant stuff Pat! Esp. the new movie ones. It looks complicated already enough......... You know that TF is my all-time fave series? I used to love watching it on Saturdays. I collected quite a few toys, Shockwave being my first one and Starscream Masterpiece being one of the latest. I had some of the early comics like starting with issue 3 UK edition...which should be really rare now.....wish I had them now. With the new movie out I guess it's my bro's turn to collect - I gave him TF fever when he was about the age of 3, so we now got most of the new ones in our collection. The only thing I lament with Hasbro was that they never properly made the '86 movie Arcee into a toy figure.....I would have had her in my collection anyday. At least they did so with Unicron (which I eventually got)......maybe they should make her into a 1/16 model replica? ;)
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I love your drawings of Transformers G1! Fantastic, Impressive Artwork!! MORE!!!
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