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I'm in London , almost 2 months, anyone in too?? almost dunno any art activity in london, please let me know if you know any.


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some drawings of this year #1

this year I am  really more productive than ever, still some works haven't uploaded yet will up soon^^!

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Ain it cool review of "a second chance at sarah


Writer: Neil Druckmann Artist: Joysuke Wong Publisher:

Ape EntertainmentOptimous Douche Reviewer:

This right here is why I review for AICN. To get the opportunity to showcase indie books that otherwise would go unnoticed gives me satisfaction beyond compare. No, this is not a sequel to “Saving Sarah Marshall” nor is it paying homage to Sarah Conner, despite the fact the book involves time travel. What this title does showcase is the unwavering power that love holds over all of us and the....... ( continue here...)

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wish you a merry christmas

t's late though:P

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Blog: Tuesday, Nov 24

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girl in summer

but summer is over

long time i didn't post anything XD

just bought my first mac of the life, really realy really really really AMAZING

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whatever I am good or bad, I am alone.

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Blog: Wednesday, Aug 19

please give me a hand and score it!! thxxxxx Love my cat - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

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flower ...pot!

hello what's up! it's already 1st of july, but I am still so busy and rushing on my freelance, I hope i will fiinish it before afternoon and then go to the march ! being a hongkongest I really hope I can be the one of those people who fight for our right

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sleeping alice

my comic project had been  finished for a while! it's really great can't believe eventually I've done!!!!hope the publisher will announce the information asap so that i can put it to my place , as I know it isn't really expensive, it's around 3.5USD per issue, hope you guys will support me 

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