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moi. in pain.

here are pix to go along with the 42.2km...

still feeling dandy, around the midway mark on tsingma bridge

deep in thought about life, the univer...Read more

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standard chartered marathon!

thx for everyone for the well wishes!!!! i actually managed to do it!! 42.2km in 4:22. weird coincidence. not a fast time but just glad to complete my first one!

here's a map of our route:

pretty much all my wishes/targets were fulfilled - unbelievable luck.

  1. weather was awesome. started out at 13C and ...Read more

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counting down

ok, i am getting worried now. in another 60 hours or so i'll be at the starting line. and hoping to end up at the finishing line, somehow.

well, the worst thing that could happen is that i cramp up/faint/start frothing and wind up in an ambulance. and then even wind up on the front page and share a spot with mr. chen. nah, that wouldn't really happen. at least not the second part.


three things to hope for:

1) weather stays ok. short sleeves or long sleeves?

2) my legs feel stran...Read more

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13 year old girl runs an ultramarathon ( that's 50 miles)

thanks to everyone for the well wishes for my last post!! 2 weeks until my first full marathon. the good news is my injury seems ok. i tested it today on the road and no real weird pain at the place of my injury. running is always a bit painful anyway, i just try to separate normal and weird. am just aiming for completion now. the injury def threw off my training a bit.

so as i was searching around runners world for injury stuff, came across this video. a 13 year old girl runs 50 ...Read more

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buckle up... or not.

feeling pretty annoyed these days... have been training for my first standard chartered marathon for feb 17, and last weekend i sprained a tendon in my right foot. doc said i had to give it 2-3 weeks, 2 weeks at a minimum. and these are the two most critical two weeks, where i'm supposed to be doing my long runs! crap crap crap.

there...Read more

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my first half marathon!

i ran my first half on sunday! i've never even run 21km non-stop, so i was a little worried.

the only other friend i personally knew bailed due to food poisoning the previous night. oh well. so i hopped on the bus at 6am in tin hau. (which meant i had to get up at like 5. on a sunday morning. awful. )

here's the map of the race:

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DJ Beware & DJ Kid Fresh rock my world!!

was great fun seeing the AnD guys and gals at the shows by DJ Beware and DJ Kid Fresh. awesome!! i must confess ignorance about music, but man, that was just damn good. i can tell what music i like and what music i don't like, and not much beyond that. and the shows by these two DJs were freakin amazing!!

(btw, just so i can brag, I have known DJ Beware for something like 25 years, even though I only just turned 18 a couple months ago)

one of my best buddies from high school, Tom, was also here...Read more

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holiday movie review - golden compass, national treasure, legend, warlords, trivial matters

merry xmas to the alivenotdead community!! and i think a real big hand goes to the AnD team. so very impressive what has been accomplished in less than a year. congrats to rottendoubt, swang, etchy, boon, terence, and many others behind the scenes who i may not have met!!

so i've watched 5 holi movies, and thought i'd give my $0.02 and a few sentences... i'm not very good at writing reviews at all. etchy is the master.


War...Read more

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ipod + nike plus, photo album update

thanks to all the congrats!! i'm just a commoner!! and i suspect rottendoubt/stephen/boon/etchy are all too cool to be artists...

i just bought myself the whole nikeplus package - ipod nano + armband + nikeplus gadget plastic thingy. man, it set me back about HK$1600. after calibrating the thing it was surprisingly accurate. now i've started training, i'm getting progressively worried about the full marathon and it's entirely possible i've bitten off more than i can chew...

oh btw, the ...Read more

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wah wah whats going on??!!

wah wah whats going on!!!!

is this AnD's way to tell me i need to blog more about film stuff? and i need to stop putting stupid pix of myself in drag? help!!!

this is all really rather exciting and nerve wracking!!!! but in any case, a BIG THANKS to the AnD guys....

ok, so let me calm down... and do a little update at least.

despite my radio silence, i actually did survive 100km trailwalker, completing it in 27:56. semi-respectable, i guess. here're some pix...

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