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we won! ok, not really.

now it's finally july 1st, our "first to 400km" race is finally over! here's our little graph, and we're team 5!

unfortunately the race ran into a couple snags...

first, my nike plus and ipod gadget started really messing up and i probably lost about 30-40km in total, which annoyed me to no end.  couple weeks back, it actually completely broke down!  very fo...Read more

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haruki murakami is a hardcore runner!

my friend romi posted this link the other day, where the guardian gives an excerpt of haruki murakami's upcoming book, "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running".

i have unfortunately not read his books, even though some of my friends are fans of his work.  but ever since i read he was going to put out this book, i've been looking really forward to reading it.  maybe in the mean time i will pick up o...Read more

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be kind rewind

you gotta see this, if you haven't!

i am thinking we should really do a sweding competition for celestial's classic titles.

and wtf is sweding anyway? the wiki entry says it all...

the premise is that mike (jack black) becomes radioactive/magnetized after a failed attempt to sabotage a power plant.  he goes into his friend jerry (mos def)'s video shop and as a result renders all the VHS tapes useless.

to save the da...Read more

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half way point - 200km!

as an update to our little running competition, i am glad to report that our team is first to cross 200km! so another 200km left. i figure if i can average about 35k a week then i only have 3 weeks left. (assuming my teammate jeff also runs his share). easier said than done of course. ran 8km this morning and that was totally exhausted. the heat is getting me...

so here are some screen shots from nikeplus!!! 

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old pix from sichuan

while we are on the topic of sichuan, it is a truly gorgeous area of china. even being an obvious tourist myself, i have mixed feelings about china tourism (even eco-tourism and "responsible" tourism sometimes bring along unintended consequences). but i remain hopeful the fine balance between development and preservation can somehow be achieved.

my previous blog entry can be found here: http://www.alivenotdead.co...Read more

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i know the earthquake and the devastation is all over the news... so, it's not that i can add much to it. two things to keep in mind is,

  • try not to forget it after a couple weeks - the rebuilding process takes years.

  • while you're doing a one-off donation, seriously consider a monthly donation, however small the sum. it could be HK$50.  but it makes a HUGE difference over the long term.

i'm attaching a short email from a friend from sichuan who fortunately is fine. it's simple - but, at ...Read more

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400km for two

wow, long time no blog, oops! right, first things first, the last entry was an april's fool entry, and... it confirmed my suspicion that flowers, babies, puppies, and pandas do get more views than anything else.

so my friend jeff has recently gotten me involved in a race among friends. we have 6 teams of 2 ppl each, and the goal is to get to 400km the fastest over 2 months, using the nikeplus gadgets to track our progress online. for incentive reasons each team coughs up a sum of money and winner takes all. a rather masochistic but ...Read more

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i love flowers, pandas, and puppies :)

busy busy bee, oh pretty pretty flower~~~

hello world! not only am i really cute, i smell really good!!

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for etchy

took some pix from the tram over the weekend. altho etchy seems to be a fan of trams, rather than pix from trams, here are a couple with my new fisheye camera. (actually, the camera is not so new. i bought it for my mom last year, but she was just not interested in this low tech stuff and gave it back to me)

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the black swan problem

just finished this book "the black swan" by nassim nicholas taleb. he previously wrote "fooled by randomness".

simply put - if you see a thousand white swans, or even a million white swans, you still cannot definitively say all swans are white. it only takes one black swan to negate all these observations.

the book is a pretty dense 300 pages so there's no way to summarize, but there were some interesting observations about film.

  • the movie biz is a winner-takes-all business. in a...Read more

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