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tibet - 唐古拉山

kung hey fat choy everyone!

posted a note on the forums asking for intros to parkour and breakdancing artists and am glad to have some leads, thanks guys!!

now i can't do any fancy flips, but will share with you a pic at one of the highest mountain passes in tibet at 5231m...

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definitely gotta be a record! :-D
over 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
woah ... that's cool!
over 11 years ago
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wow.cool move! Happy CNY!
over 11 years ago
Photo 35751
woo hoo, go you!!
over 11 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
well sure ... gravity is way less up there. i could probably do some one finger pushups at that altitude. (j/k)
over 11 years ago
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Very cool! Happy CNY to you...... all the best of everything in Year of the Ox!! =)
over 11 years ago
Jrs 8c 1405439596528
Michael, do you go out of your way to find THE most remote places in all of Asia? Who says Asia is crowded? Not Michael Chan! =D Happy CNY to ya, dude! =)
over 11 years ago
Photo 207899
Hi Michael, I'm Pea's dance crewmate! I really like your photo. R u still doing break dancing? Would you like to come to see us at practice next week?
over 11 years ago
Photo 45685
over 11 years ago
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haha. I have a photo where you are dancing there. you are a man! I was breathless in that time!
over 11 years ago
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wew....In your profile picture...You look like my P.E. teacher! umm...but only in profile picture~ your other picture were really you... anyway...I'm from Philippines....so I don't really know people from other countries...just a few... where are you from?
almost 11 years ago


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