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halloween... from a long time ago

since everyone is posting halloween shots, here's one from high school... and yes, every single one of these are dudes, despite what you might think. i believe i was doing an early audition for "knocked up".

new hampshire in october was freezing, i remember. not fun given i was not wearing much (if anything) und...Read more

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donate donate donate!!!

so... a bit about this "Trailwalker" thing i am doing next friday, Nov 9. in short, i walk from sai kung to tuen mun for a total distance of 100km. actually, it is possible. see route below:

and yes, it is going to take me a rather long time. our team of 4 is targeting somewhere between 28-30 hours. we had the same target las...Read more

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more xinjiang pix

just chilling at home on a saturday night...  as i need to embark on the final training session for the trailwalker tomorrow - and we're doing 50km tmr. that's about 31 miles for the metric-challenged out there. and this is a rough 50! well, people run 26 miles in 2 hours so who am i to complain. will blog about the real thing i'm preparing for next time.

here are some pix ppl will probably find more enjoyable... or... not really.

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ok, posted some of my xinjiang pix, finally. the link is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ahsup/sets/72157602291174777/

and since i know nobody really clicks on these links, here're a few to share...

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hiking in lantau

hiked with stephen this sat in lantau island - we walked from discovery bay to ngong ping (where the big buddha is). for those interested, it's a 20km + walk. there's a good bit of elevation as actually we go over and back down the 2nd and 3rd highest mountains in HK, i.e. 大東山 (869m) and 鳳凰山 (934m). was just curious so i checked it, IFC in Central is 415m.

weather was a bit cloudy, which makes for kinda crappy pix, but pretty perfect for hiking. some pix here...

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one of my secret talents. well, past secret talent.

seeing the AnD crew last night, i felt pretty bad that i had not blogged for quite a while. work, travel, and some family stuff got in the way... but anyway.

watched quentin's documentary 0506 - for those who have the kind of dual fob-abc mentality, this was definitely thought provoking. having spent 4 years of high school and 4 years of college in US definitely gave me this weird bipolar personality where at times i could not really figure out where i belonged. then, the cynical part of me wou...Read more

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random thoughts on film part 2

Continuing my random thoughts on hk film biz…

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The big question is, how do you make films that make money? Or, how do you make films so you won’t lose your shirt? There seems to be three strategies that people are doing –

  • Mr. Bill Kong, king of blockbuster Chinese period films (although he does a “Riding Alone for Thousand Miles and a Lust, Caution once in a while).  Get Zhang Yimou, Jet Li, etc etc, shoot a film for US$20m+ get ...Read more
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how i met your mother

erm... haven't followed up on my last post... although have been meaning to. work has been killing me, and, whatever free time, i've been watching this comedy series - "how i met your mother". it really is awesome! (for anyone who's seen it - a word that is repeated pretty much in every episode).

well, i finally just finished it... now i have to wait till october to get season 2...

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history of hk film industry in 100 words

Thanks to everyone who commented on the “intro” post! The stuff I do isn't half as interesting as the artists, haha.  But in any case... have been thinking a lot about the prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Hong Kong and China film industry. This directly impacts my company, my job, and ultimately what I would want to do long term.  

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Right now, it's not a pretty industry.  But, befo...Read more

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long long meetings

thx all for the comments! stuck in long long scrīpt meetings these couple days - it really is extremely difficult to balance the needs of logic/suspense/story telling/visuals/commercial needs/originality in one scrīpt. extremely easy to criticize and poke holes in plots... but thinking of alternative possibilities is never easy. the solutions are usually either 1) too far fetched and unbelievable 2) cliche and everyone could see it coming 3) could make sense but then a lot of other aspects of the scrīpt need to be fixed accordingly: which ...Read more

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