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RT @DMarketingCity: WeChat had more mobile transactions over just Chinese New Year than PayPal had during 2015 https://t.co/Q5aakOO0wk #mar…

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That means 420M users on P2P transactions. 400K txn/sec at peak.

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Happy Lunar New Year! 420M WeChat users sent/rcvd 8B+ Red Packets, 3X > record New Year https://t.co/S7pnQGp15F https://t.co/cWn3OEKMrE

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Fee free, fun fun! https://t.co/C8IqMLcCG1

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I recorded a podcast with our product manager for Red Packets, WeChat's secret weapon in payments. Listen now! https://t.co/iyIt8ODn7C

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@paulmozur uhh, the tencent penguin is an homage to the linux Tux penguin as Pony Ma was a Linux contributor

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@blersing Yes, at WeChat now. Remember you from barcampSH as well. Hope you stay a WeChat fan.

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@blersing You will also still be part of the groups and can access them on your new device the next time a group message is received.

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@blersing Understand it's a pain to lose your chat history when losing your phone. However, design decision was made to ensure user privacy.

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@blersing An explicit design decision: No server chat history means 3rd parties (including govt or WeChat itself) can't access chat history.

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