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“The Race to Become the WeChat of the West” by @ted_livingston

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Cashflow the impt difference btwn a startup & a real business “Is My Startup Burn Rate Normal?” @DanielleMorrill

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RT @WIRED: Here's your first look at Monument Valley's perplexing levels

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@shaunrein The dual SIM card w/ support for both 4G inside and outside of China is a big plus. Even I have been considering.

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An excellent Grantland story: "The Plunge" Armenian swimming champion who saved 20+ lives from a sinking trolleybus

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想知道旅遊時去哪裡好? 我在@spottly 寫了簡單美麗旅遊筆記: 我添加了 ふるかわ 到我的 Tokyo 清單


Hello,hello?还有朋友看我的微博吗? 我在这里:

Apologies to those who received a DM from my cracked account yesterday. Reset all my security settings and hopefully won't be a spam sender.

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RT @MarcBodnick: .@RottenTomatoes co-founder @swang75 on @Quora: What is the longest chain of acquisitions you know of?…

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