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"Mini Programs" launched on WeChat today. The entryway is explained in Chinese in this intro article. https://t.co/6Hmpch15dS

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Love this NYT profile of Kareem - I'm at heart a Magic fan, but have always respected Kareem's uncompromising ethic. https://t.co/6vffALhw0I

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Starting today, use WeChat to pay at any of the 2500 Starbucks in China. It'll be my daily habit. https://t.co/gn1CE28VAW

World-shaking news in these parts... @steam_games starts accepting @WeChatApp Pay tomorrow. Previously, UnionPay wa… https://t.co/McVTbNqKJQ

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https://t.co/qlB8dq0b6H launched for bizs & devs globally: no new products yet but more info on Platform and Pay https://t.co/XgCgCA4J9G

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A very insightful and well-researched UX study on WeChat by UX expert Jakob Nielsen. 赞! https://t.co/LqyBXH1qKg

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RT @TheEconomist: China's WeChat shows the way to social media's future https://t.co/91jGbm3Uti https://t.co/XBlREUxPOi

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Sunset at Lake Tahoe

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Many important insights from @conniechan on the importance and product and growth lessons from WeChat's Red Packets https://t.co/Scqz8NsLxC

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WSJ covers Rotten Tomatoes big influence in Hollywood. BTW @amypascal, there are plenty of wonderful movies that are sub-80% on the tomatometer (sub-40% much less so).

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