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@SmartSocialKids This is incorrect. Users are only visible to other people nearby when both users choose to use th… https://t.co/RETBEj9Z8i

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Storm the Gates is LIVE on iOS and Android! Battle to be the strongest hero in the land! #pvp #rpg #stormthegates… https://t.co/MzNkgmWTAk

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Download the latest version of WeChat for iOS and try out the newly launched Voice Input feature in English so you… https://t.co/pnffVAFN4X

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Fun fact about the new Tencent HQ which opened today: The heat from thousands of the many on-site computer servers… https://t.co/1wXclm3bUe

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Entering a new era of Tencent w/ the beautiful new Tencent Binhai Towers, Tencent's new HQ. Opening ceremony today… https://t.co/WPnFCDe6NC

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@xuhulk You should try the newly opened subway or, even better, the elevated bike path (literally underneath the BR… https://t.co/1tiZP7a8hG

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WeChat at 908 million daily logged in users, 205 million connected calls daily, and 280% growth in in-store payment… https://t.co/bN1jB5tEWR

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Go Bears! @RottenTomatoes https://t.co/relncwEj14

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Ironically, my partner Senh created the Tomatometer to celebrate Brettt Rattner's first big film, Rush Hour. Go RT! https://t.co/dWDgSMYHNp

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Mini Program for seniors: The @WeChatApp lifestyle must provide benefits to users of all ages. Share with Mom & Dad… https://t.co/7rUdbFCCWV

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