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Stephen Wang

Hello,hello?还有朋友看我的微博吗? 我在这里:

Apologies to those who received a DM from my cracked account yesterday. Reset all my security settings and hopefully won't be a spam sender.

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RT @MarcBodnick: .@RottenTomatoes co-founder @swang75 on @Quora: What is the longest chain of acquisitions you know of?…

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灵感迸发,思行合一# 厦门创业周末的最小,最可爱的创业家。祝今晚的团队「加油![奥特曼]」@爱特咖啡 我在这里:


Thank you, thank you, Roger Ebert

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Daily reads from 2013-04-03

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太好笑的照片:李安再获最佳导演之后 -- 左手有奥斯卡,右手吃加州出名的IN N' OUT汉堡 [哈哈]

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Stephen Wang


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Gender Male
English Name Stephen Wang
Job Internet entrepreneur
Favorite Movies The Graduate, Yi-Yi, Roman Holiday, HK Jet & Jackie movies, Moulin Rouge, Network, Wong Kar Wai films (esp. Days of Being Wild and Fallen Angels), Hero, Do the Right Thing, Laputa: Castle in the Sky (and all Studio Ghibli / Miyazaki), Swingers, Band of Brothers, Kieslowski's Three Colors trilogy, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, ... Did I mention The Graduate?

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