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A great read for product managers and entrepreneurs. Lessons to be learned not just about China, but about product… https://t.co/85Gn5yCnMS

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It's WeChat's 8th anniversary today and it's just released some important new features. Try sending a Time Capsule… https://t.co/CmzaXJy75v

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My key takeaway from this excellent presentation by Connie from a16z? Monetization for Western online services lack… https://t.co/tvuky9M2lv

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『我 • 微信 • 你』I•WeChat•You. I'm acutely aware of the role products like @WeChatApp have in bringing people together,… https://t.co/SwNiMnuRZI

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WeChat is recruiting for an Internationalization Product Manager based in Guangzhou. Contact me if you are interest… https://t.co/nbcSd6IuBa

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So many easter eggs in this campaign... For instance, the Canton Tower (广州塔) in the second creative sits right nex… https://t.co/EIhoNxEi0t

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Congrats to the @WeChatApp branding team and the launch of our new brand messaging. It expresses what I feel about… https://t.co/skdlBfL2Gp

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More Rotten Tomatoes startup war stories: This time I recount the crazy Rotten Tomatoes Halloween party that we thr… https://t.co/629qy10Ywf

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RT @CalBearsHistory: Chang-Lin Tien, beloved @UCBerkeley Chancellor (1990-1997) was born on July 24, 1935. An immigrant from China, Tien ea…

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"Tomatometer tech everywhere: From Netflix to adult film sites": My continuing diary of our early years founding Ro… https://t.co/GsjjizEHL7

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