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more random beach yoga

another trip to big wave beach... this time with a few more brave souls...

pretty hard to sync 7 handstands... but we got it after a few tries!

this was one that i was extremely excited about. it seemed to be possible in theory, but not sure if really was, and we managed to hold it for a little bit!

i'm frankly amazed at how three human bodies can be balanced in some really weird ways...

sequence of headstand fun...

yes, in case you were wondering, people were staring...

and that's all for now folks!

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about 10 years ago
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yoga as spectator sport...
about 10 years ago
Photo 103477
that's pretty cool!
about 10 years ago
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woah, you guys should think about a career in creative p0rn....
about 10 years ago
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And the best part of it is the joy, I'm going to smile all day long now - thanks. =)
about 10 years ago
Photo 33405
which one's you? :) i still have yet to complete a headstand without the help of propping against a wall. haha
about 10 years ago
Photo 321088
this is so cool. . freaky but cool.
about 10 years ago
Photo 321088
I have GOT to start yoga! Thank God Etchy made the porn comment. I thought I was alone.
about 10 years ago
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haha. These are great!
about 10 years ago
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almost 10 years ago
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Great pose!
over 9 years ago
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over 9 years ago


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