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learn to listen

sometimes all we need to do is just listen.

usually that's how we learn.

when we were young that's what we did in school.

when we are in a relationship.

with friends and family.

when someone starts sharing, they are not asking for solutions.

they are asking for a hearing heart.

when someone opens up, they are not asking for judgments.

they are asking for company.

even when you feel that your situation, your challenge, your problem

is bigger and more trauma...Read more

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i hate...

i hate it when people are late.

when food is cold.

or even when its my fault that i miss the bus.

i hate it when i don't see result.

when people get impatient.

especially when others tell me what to do.

i hate it when i miss the beginning of a movie.

when children run around in circles in front of me.

getting stuck in traffic on my way to the airport.

i hate it that i don't have savings.

when credit is long overdue.

and help is unappreciated.

i h...Read more

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Sex In AnOther City

Sex And The City 2.

what can i say...

i actually liked it.

maybe i'm just a simple guy who enjoys watching 4 girls from new york, growing up and moving on.

but seriously, its more than that.

carrie. charlotte. miranda. samantha. new york city.

we do love them all.

the cosmopolitans. the fashion. the sex.

ok, fine!

so SATC 2 was not centered around NYC.

there were a few misses in the wardrobe department.

no cosmopolitans. and very little sex.

<...Read more
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when i grow up...

i remember when i was about 4, i wanted to run away

and join the chinese opera troupe.

i'd sneak out at night when everyone was asleep

and watch the performers do their thing on stage.

all the loud music and singing.

dramatic costumes.

the flying around and sword fighting!

it was the best!

then at 9, i wanted to be a musician.

my dad was in the police band unit when he was younger.

seeing pictures of him in uniform and

playing the clarinet was inspir...Read more

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hey guys!

the official site of Style Etc by Marcus A.C. is finally up!

check it out!

2 of the 3 albums on Gallery are still work in progress,

but otherwise, enjoy the site!

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Ask Marcus!

my new venture,

Ask Marcus!

the internet has everything!?!!

you can watch movies, learn to cook, buy & sell your friends, read a book, visit countries, repair your iPhone, share music, listen to sermons, play games and even make a new family!


so with all the time in the world i had,

i decided to be productive. online.

and why not?

i spend about 5 to 8 hours a day online anyway...

so what did i do to be productive?

i decided to give back.

much l...Read more

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things are not right in the world right now.

well, most things are not.

there are bombings going on randomly all around the world.

children are dying from mosquito bites.

property prices are so high that housing has become a problem.

there's a clash of colors in thailand.

and the list goes on and on.

do any of these affect me? or you?

frankly. no.

so what's my point?

honestly, i don't know.

all i know is that i am thankful.

thankful for peace...Read more

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it started with setting up a blog.

of course for the first month all my entries were

done from my friend's computer.

so i decided to get myself a note book, the HP Mini.

and getting that was such an adventure!

following that i started on Facebook.

who knew how many people wanted me as their friends too!

i know, right!

then it was setting up a profile on Alive Not Dead,

an artist/friends/fans site.

after almost 6 months, i finally became an Official Artis...Read more

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Marcus_AC on Twitter!

hey guys! i'm on twitter now!

follow me on my personal journey in life and see what's goin on!

Marcus_AC on twitter now!!!

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all my life i have only been interested in very few things.

food. clothes. music. holidays. family. money. the usual.

and frankly i couldn't be more blessed, favored and bless by God.

i live for food, so i'm always hungry!

i like clothes, so its ok that i'm constantly bitching about bad fashion!

i enjoy music, so its fantastic that i'm into LIMEWIRE!

i treasure holidays, so i see myself as a tourist even in singapore!

i love my family, so its prefect that i don't live with them...Read more

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