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become a habit.

what a weekend!

with the great singapore sale &

the singapore food festival all wrapping up in 1 weekend,

i decided to start my saturday early!

got up at 9:48am and left the house in 20mins.

i know, right!

getting ready and leaving the house in 20mins is nothing but...

who wakes up before lunch?!!

all this was because i wanted to catch DESPICABLE Me before lunch.

but apparently there are people who wake up early to go to the movies?!!

so imagine my surprise......Read more

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i love to sing but many would not like that.

as much as i think i have the voice of an angel,

others disagree... swines.

but isn't singing the best.

no matter how you are feeling, there's always a song for you.

and if there isn't then you can just make one up!

i sing all the time.

at home. in bed. in the bus. train. walking down in town. in a club.

most of all, in church.

its the best time to sing and sing out loud!

cos in church noone is judging.

speci...Read more

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seriously... TV?

seriously... TV?

i love watching TV.

trust me when i say LOVE.

my friends know NOT to call me while i watch the telly.

i AM dead to the world even during the commercial break.

so it does bother me when i watch STUPID & Friends on TV.

the News on 5 is one.

i know its hard to condense what's happening in Singapore

and around the world in 30mins.

but giving bite size information in not NEWS!

you can't have the anchor just HIGHLIGHT headlines and call it ...Read more

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Waka Waka World Cup!

i thought i need to do something for the WORLD CUP Finals.

so i'm gonna blog as i watch the final match between ahh...

the 2 teams coming out to the field...

someone is carrying an LV bag. that's strange.

all shaking hands... very colorful.

orange, red, yellow, black and a whole lot of green.

Oh! its netherlands and spain!

and its a kick off!!!

someone's blowing the whistle already?!!

someone just almost goal!!! who?!!

so many misses and 4 yellow ...Read more

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apple and me

a lot can happen in a year. you can take a short course.fix your teeth.have a baby.pay off your credit card bill.learn to drive.buy a house.change jobs and plan a wedding, honeymoon included.i just went techie.you see, i didn't do any of the above that i mentioned.i just went techie.a year ago i thought i wanted to have my voice heard, online.so i started this blog, where i can just say about whatever i wanted.then my manager decided to start a facebook account for me.much to my surprise, facebook is so fun!of course all this was going on wh...Read more

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what do you see?

its july.

the 1st half of 2010 is now officially gone.

so what have you done so far?

most people grow up, move on, change, go into adulthood

and life as the years go by.

year after year, they progress gradually,

taking everything that happens around them, or to them,

as part of life. their life.

that's fair enough for them.

but me... as usual, i tend to take a different approach.

i take each year individually.

one year at a time.

its like maki...Read more

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birthdays are one of my favorite thingys.

the one day that is just yours.

whether you wanna throw a big party or a small intermate dinner,

a huge celebration or just a private gathering,

it really is up to you cos its YOUR day.

but what happens when its not your birthday but someone else's?

well, that changes everything.

you must make sure that you get them the right present &

not some last minute crap.

find out what they really wanna do, since it is their day and not y...Read more

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it takes a genius

so i've been a geek for about a year now.

yes. you can be in fashion and a geek all rolled into one.

like Andi in The Devil Wears Prada,

or even like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality.

ok, fine. they weren't geeks. just had no sense of fashion or style.

but you get my drift.


i am now all ITed!

with my blog, Facebook & TWITTER accounts,

personal profiles on various sites and now..

Style Etc by Marcus AC, my very official company website!Read more

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like seriously

like seriously...

everyone i know has a facebook account.

even my 8 year old niece has one.

she uses it to play games, upload pictures and

keep in touch with her parents who live in the next room!

all my friends have one too.

most of them of course have it for reasons like;

finding lost friends, which i think is a waste of time since you lost your friends for a reason!

i have refused to reconnect with mine.

i lost them the 1st time, they can stay lost.

playing game...Read more

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aren't there always two sides to a story?

when a couple break up?

the promotion that was yours to begin with?

why the kid hit another in school?

a girl crying her heart out on the phone?

when we are always so eager to hear the whole story,

why are we now so quick to pass judgment when it comes to money matters?

especially if it involves a church?

what is this new excitement we get in this specific matter?

do we have all the facts or are we just rolling with the 'dough'?Read more

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