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being friends

what do you when just being friends is not enough?

i have friends.

friends whom i share with.

friends whom i treasure.

friends whom i respect.

and friends who drive me crazy.

well, i am also friends with my Ex'es.

sometimes my other friends don't understand why or even get it.

my question is, what's wrong in being friends even after you break up?

is it to be in touch with them?

or is it to move on with them totally out of your life?

or are you ...Read more

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2011 Plans

there's a lot happening.

well, not necessarily to me or with me for that matter...

but there's a lot happening.

everyone i know is busy.

work. dateline. wedding. holidays. something is always coming up.

i'm still waiting.

waiting for great, no... GREATER things to happen.

i already have a 2011 Plans Book.

wanna know?

Mm... u have to wait.

its only November 30th, 2010. Read more

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over the last 12 months i have not been too busy with work.

seriously... i haven't.

but i have been involved in a number of ''Reality TV"shows.

like... SuperModel Me. HP Space. Dance Star Asia & Ice Star Asia.

Clean & Clear's Top Model Best Friends.

as Creative Stylist, Head Stylist, Head Makeup Artiste, Mentor, Judge and Friend.

i know. that's a lot of roles.

don't get me wrong... I heart REALITY SHOWS.

be it working or watching one.

<...Read more
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have you met my family?

let me introduce them to you.

my mom & dad have been married for 44 years.

the inspiration in my life.

supportive. understanding. giving.

they taught me love.

and they have 4 kids. i know , they still call us Kids.

2 boys and 2 girls.

it was a trend in the late 60s to start a big family.

then the government said, "2 is Enough".

my late brother would be 43 this year but he passed away when he was 19.

car accident.

then ...Read more

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its been 2 months.

yet nothing.

so i realize that when u need something done,

u have to do it yourself.

this is what happens when u leave things in others' hands.

u have to follow up. check on them. chase them even.

sometimes, u even have to babysit them.

it doesn't mean u don't trust them... just that I DON'T.

so i have learnt my lesson.

if u can't depend on others to get the job done... FIRE them! Read more

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start the support to stop the bullying.

is bullying the IN thing now?

teen gays are getting a huge amount of attention in the states recently

but not in a healthy way.

recently the number of gay teens or

teens believed to gay committing suicide is rising.

they hang themselves. shoot themselves in the head. jump off a bridge.

because they were bullied.

bullies who tell them that they are a waste of life.

bullies who are their classmates.

bullies who see them differently.

bullies w...Read more

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need to be 1st.

ever wondered why the CHINESE are good at almost anything?

today i was in the train heading from woodlands to town.

sunday. 1.30pm. super packed mrt.

and yet, the CHINESE Nationals who rushed in were able to

grap, steal, barged their way to a single seat that was free

for like 2 seconds!

their eyes prowl the cabins, praying for a free seat.

no mercy to the 6yrs old kid that was standing alone or

the uncle who needed help coming into the train,

or even the blue signs that ...Read more

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time to say NO.

ever get tired of doing ''favors''?

over the last 12 months "friends" have been asking me for "favors".

don't get me wrong!

i'm all out to help a friend and sometimes i go all out.

its just that being in an industry where


play a strong role, its tough to say No.

worst still when you are expected to do "favors"

like its part of your job!

''.... hey can u check with Ms So&So if ...Read more

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something is wrong somewhere...

my usual routine is wake up, check emails, facebook, outlook emails

and then gym. like almost everyday... cos that's free i am.

and i've had 2 personal training sessions over the past 2 years.

from a 62kg to a whopping 69kg!

of course along the way i ate,

so to shed the FATS, i started my cardio routine.

a minimum 1hr cardio session every time i hit the gym.

feels really good burning those calories.

and then i eat some more.

but no...Read more

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F1/Singapore Grand Prix with STAR!

at the recent F1/ Singapore Grand Prix Season i had a rocking hot time with my new friends... ok, fine! i was workin. still, it was a BLAST! thx STAR! Read more

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