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just one weekend!

never in my life have i've been to this many parties

and events in just one weekend!

the singapore grand prix season that ran

from 17th-26th september was so loaded with activities

that it was almost impossible to do them all.

i was blessed to be involved in this year's events as STB wanted

to cover and document the SGP festivites.

so i had the honor & pleasure of working with Channel V/ Star TV

in the production where i styled

and worked with their hosts VJ...Read more

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2 cents

sometimes when people share how they feel, i'm tempted to share my 2 cents.

that's the thing, when people share, they are just asking to be heard.

trust me, i know.

cos when i share, i hate it when someone starts comparing it the something they have been thru and how 'much more worst OR better it was' for them!

seriously. i know u know who i'm talking about.

they are everywhere.

the office. bus-stops. next table. family reunions.

is it really hard to find someone to just len...Read more

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Clean & Clear!

Marcus AC on Clean & Clear Campaign!

Video: http://www.facebook.com/v/426969272740

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hidden rules

there are hidden rules in life.

here are some.

always move in to the rear of a bus.

clean shirts leave a better first impression.

no standing on the right side of escalators.

speak well if you wanna be understood.

hold the elevator door for people coming in.

no one can do your job better than you.

don't sip from someone else's drink.

cheers! Read more

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a few blog post ago i mentioned that i'll be starting on my braces.

well, many have u have since then been asking me why i'm doing it,

and why now?

Mm... i don't like how my teeth looks?

and i'm free?


well, did u know the pre-process is just as long?

u'll need to consult with the Dentist.

he goes thru the entire process.

x-rays are taken. moulds are made.

u come back a week later for see if u can start on the braces.

i had no such luck.Read more

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beautiful babies!

singapore is always doing her best to top the world.

personally, i don't think there's anything wrong with that.

one of the tallest hotel is found here...

even the Big Round Thing that goes in circle is now here...

talk about Casino and we have 2.

from the 1st ever F1 nite race to the madeup Merlion,

singapore, well kinda, has everything.

now its the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, Singapore.

over 3000+ youths in 1 country,

doing what they do best, PLAY.

...Read more

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Make you feel my love...


she's the brit girl who's kinda on the plum side

but SHE can sing.

her debut album, Adele 19 was released Jan 2008.

she was 19.

like a month ago i heard her album.

not too bad actually...

fine. it was GREAT!

but my favorite track has to be 'Make You Feel My Love'.

a cover from Bob Dylan's 1997 album, Time Out of Mind

Adele has made a hit of this song.

but more than that, its the lyrics that i was drawn too.

to me...Read more

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Quick Update!!!


just a super quick update since i've gone missing for a while!

changed to my 3rd iPhone set in 6 months today!

totally forgot about TWITTER!

4 days of pre-birthday dinners!

Avater: The Last AirBender is not a Gay Movie, its just a bad movie!

starting on my braces on thursday!

its off to Bali on saturday for my BD!

and i'm sleeping alone tonite! Read more

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bowing out

let's be honest.

as much as last year was suppose to be a downer,

everyone, including myself, was busier than ever!

projects were flooding in and taking a break was impossible.

so why is 2010 the total opposite?!

this year i have only been busy

with projects during the 1st quarter of the year.

been totally FREE most of the time and

was even worried about what's next.

but i always knew everything will work out for the best.

then i landed on an exciting new proje...Read more

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busy busy busy

after such a long break today was eventful.

3 months of seriously not working,

today i had a packed full day.

and i did it without my agent nor manager.


Woke up to the noisy iPhone alarm.

            Got dressed to look presentable for a full day out.

            Really didn't know what to wear... my shoes hurt already.


Had a brunch meeting to discuss my coming plans.

            Mm... food from Telok Ayer not too bad...

    ...Read more

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