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positivity or holier than thou?

The people who believe in you and those naysayers who don't are similar in that they are people who aren't 100 percent sure. Who can know for sure if you would definitely be a roaring success? They can give you all their votes of confidence but being mortal flesh and blood, doubt and uncertainty can creep in at some point. I know this, because I have had experiences with real, solid good people who did waver at some point and c'mon, you and I waver too. This also means the people who are negative and do not have faith in you are also in the same camp. They aren't right for sure if you'd fail. They may say they think, or hope with all their heart, but most likely if they do that, it means they actually believe more that you might have a shot at it, proving them wrong. Looking at the odds, it's pretty clear it comes down to you. If you're tuned to listen to the ones that say " Back down, back off" then your fragile character will allow you to be swayed and maneuvered to inaction, passivity and negativity. You'd end up in depression.

So, since that choice remained with you, it's not that tricky. Decide to take the good ol' cheesy vote of confidence and good faith. After I became a more positive person, believing that strength from God is the only factor that I ever needed, some friends teased me about being "holier-than-thou" and I teased myself too, but hey, it's better than being morbid and walking around hoping to burn someone on a stake everyday for championing optimism and hope.

I honestly think it's nicer when someone says you're being a cheesy lil peach than people say that your cynicism hurts them or that it brings them down, or that it drives you to depression.

You know, there are always going to be mean spirited people everywhere. Even when you've lightened up, or got yourself a sensible head on your shoulders. Why, I once heard the most ludicrous statement from someone who told me that you may as well slam someone since some other person would more or less slam you anyway without your knowledge.

I have a profane dislike for meanness. I think whoever reading this would chuckle wondering who doesn't right? :) You'd be surprised at how many people actually embrace meanness. It's not an armor to protect, or self preservation as some may volunteer to explain. Meanness, mean spirited natures just reflect weakness in character.

Just watch reality tv and look at how snippets of supposed camaraderie end up in shocking bailouts and twisted vote offs. I think Survivor is a good example or The Biggest Loser.

Is this really human nature? Some justify it so plainly as if a fact like that made it permissible for slip ups and cruelty. How then does one educate their kids or future kids? Do you tell them to be kind no matter what, or to be kind selectively using their superb superfluous wisdom to discern the deserving from undeserving recipients of their attitudes? In that line of logic, isn't it a failure of that structure once again, when someone does originally set out with good intentions but gets a hard knock and shatter along the way, decide to opt for the unkind alternative? Given that cynicism paves the way to unkindness and whimsical, cheesy positivity is kindness in blind optimism?

Im not saying be blindly or stupidly positive.

Be positive because it is good for you. Forget about the bad,the ugly and mean world out there. They exist and so do you. But they may fade and go away while you'd be fortified and stronger if you chose to be brave and have faith.

PS: God bless you dear friends for this coming week and I mean that with all my heart.:)

"There is no personal charm so great as the charm of a cheerful temperament."

Henry Van Dyke

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That is really some brilliant statement. Useful for us all. Thanks... where's my cross?
about 11 years ago
Jayson 93 2
God bless you Lydia and thanks for another great reminder.
about 11 years ago
Mean people suck. I saw that on a bumper sticker and I had to agree. I hear people say mean things and claim it's in the spirit of good humor, "Oh come on! It's just a joke!" but my thoughts always go to the motivation behind remarks. If you're really my friend, really care about me, why would you WANT to say anything that might wound me? even in the name of "fun?" A story in our local paper. A couple had four children. Neither parent was exceptional in terms of intellect, yet three of their four were their class valedictorian and the 4th the salutatorian. When asked what her secret was for raising such amazing kids, the mother replied, "I always taught them to be your best to everyone." A friend is tackling an endeavor. There's a 50/50 chance he will succeed. You can tell him the statistics or you can put your arm around him and say, "You can do this." How much more of his heart will he put into it knowing someone believes in him? And then, how much more have his chances of success increased because he's putting more into it? Indeed, maintaining an optimistic outlook, back up by faith, is a healthier way of life. One study after another proves being positive is beneficial physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I believe those who are constantly pessimistic and mean spirited suffer from more than just weak character, there's also poor self esteem and major laziness. It's a lot easier to drag others down to (or below) their miserable, self-loathing level than make the effort to raise themselves up.
about 11 years ago
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I agree. I'd opt for people saying I'm cheesy these days over the opposite. Besides, creativity is a good outlet for any mood you're in - dark or light - so that's a place where you can put the rest. But as for how we deal with others - positive is the way to go!
about 11 years ago
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hmm ... but what if i'm a fragile, cynical, cheesy waverer?
about 11 years ago
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Once again - Thank You for your very insightful and observational worldly words of wisdom.
about 11 years ago
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Long time no chat Lydia. I hope you're doing well sweetie! Big hugs :D
about 11 years ago
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Put it simply, human beings is a composite of spirit (positive) and physical (negative) nature. Spiritually speaking, we are part of the God consciousness, we are all perfect, complete and whole, because the essence of spirit is LOVE (light of vibrating energy). While the physical role is exactly the opposite of the positive nature which is also part of God's consciousness creation, contains all the negative attributes of hate, greed, jealousy, dishonesty etc. We are in fact all a multidimensional being, from the cells of our body to our sensitive spirit of light energy, we can sense and feel a vast range of vibrational frequencies throughout endless lifetimes of reincarnation and spiritual manifestation. This is why we feel the complexity we feel, because we ARE. Spiritual maturity comes from gradual and slow progress throughout eons of time, but time is on our side, for we DO LIVE FOREVER in this 'game of life'. Life (Love in fullest expression) meant exactly that, live for the moment of 'NOW', love, embrace and encompass utterly anything and everything that comes into our lives. So love and enjoy your life, the journey of 'NOW'. Love and peace.
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