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I have rebelled for a long time about being on Facebook. And in later 2010 I decided to sign up and has been Facebooking. I must say its a convenient way to keep in touch with friends. I still keep my privacy pretty much. I am not into the habit of a friends adding spree.

Has been good so far.

Its close from people who don't know me personally. So but there are some post I opened for public.

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I can't attach images to my post anymore and I can't upload images to album any more. I have no answer and I stop trying.

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Have you travelled far?

Have you travelled too far from your dream? Perhaps its time to do a reality check, maybe backtrack or perhaps choose a new path. Whichever, be happy!

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Bali 15th - 22nd February 2012

Was in Bali from the 15th of February to the 22nd February. The travel has been great except for some minor mishap.

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Happy New Year to all in 2012 新年快乐

Hey, a very happy new year to all my friends and acquaintances on AnD. May 2012 be another fruitful and rewarding year and may those who are facing difficulties receive their resolution and may all be healthy, strong and happy throughout the year 2012 and beyond.祝所有朋友2012年,新年快乐。希望大家能有丰收的一年,希望所有面对困难的朋友们在新的一年里有新的启发和应对的方法,希望大家健康快乐。

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National Competency Standard for Technical Theatre 国家舞台技术水平标准

Have been writing the National Competency Standard for Technical Theatre the last few months, I have another 9 more units to complex before mid of February. After than I am on my way to travel again.Have started a facebook account last October, therefore have lessen the visit here. I think AnD feels more private and I have more stranger friends that make me feel comfortable. Facebook is okay. Its closed to friends only so I still keep certain level of privacy. 几个月来都忙着写全国舞台技术水平标准文案。。。还有九项在二月中必须完成,之后我就去流浪了。好久没来这里了,偶尔昙花一现就只是这样。因为有了脸簿就比较少到这了来了,心里还是会挂念这里的几位好友。希望大家日子过得好好,开开心心的。

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日期:11.11.11        时间:1:11pm

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Ee Hoon Khoo

Actor , Art Director


Live Theatre, Production and Technical Theatre Direction and Design. Photography and Art Directions. 舞台魅力:舞台布景,灯光,音响,特效,服装,造型设计等等。能制造不同的视觉效果,把故事的景象呈现给观众,带领他们 ...Read more

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