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A few days ago I was a little riled at some things, which carried over into my sleep and I had some pretty nasty dreams. And so Oscar the grouch kept her sulky demeanor for quite a bit until bang, I started talking to God and complained.

In your mental capacity you must think, gee, this one's lost her jelly beans. She's talking to God, yeah right.

Ok, I meant I prayed. Fair? In a whinny, complaining tone everyone loves to hate.

I said "dear God, you gotta be kidding me. I'm an angel, I'm so filled with perfection, why are these ridiculous bad things happening and annoying the macaroons out of me?"

Maybe I didn't say that, but after I told God in the same whinny, complaining, sourish tone, I turned to the mirror and met the Incredible Sulk again. That's right sister, to the Incredible Hulk, and green with annoyance. I told God I had been having some bad days, quite a few in a row now, and I would be glad if I had some sort of cheer, or glimmer.

That's right. I was doing it. Being real sarcastic to God. And then it dawned upon me, I had not been cooking my pot of positivi-TEA! So, I changed my attitude and decided to just look at the merrier picture.

Hey God, you're cool. Coolest Daddy and dude ever. It's been brighter and chirpier. And I'm drinking my positivi-TEA, thank You for Your grace and help.

Your very annoying daughter, Little Miss Sunshine. :) Disclaimer: The whole chunk of being perfect and an angel was meant to be a joke and ironic. Please do not throw eggs or tomatoes when u do meet me.

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At least you probably don't swear while talking to God... I'm so Catholic. Uhhh, for those of us with glasses, could you use a bigger font? Stay strong!
about 11 years ago
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Liddy Macaroons factory sounds like a delicious imaginary concept ...
about 11 years ago
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Please share that pot of positivi-TEA little Ms. Sunshine!
about 11 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
I find it useful (after many years of experience feeling down) to look at what I'm being down/upset about. Really look at it, especially my own part in it. Did I do something, unthinkingly, to bring this situation about? If so, how can I avoid doing this the next time. Or, if stuff is just happening to me, I can look closely to my reaction to the situation. What instinctive and unthinking reaction am I having? What attitude is that revealing? How can I change my attitude to be more helpful in a difficult situation, since all I can change about it is my attitude? What does my reaction tell me about how I view myself and the world around me? Is this how I truly want to see the world and myself, or is it time to select another, more useful attitude? Feelings give us information, mostly about ourselves. Taking a good look at our feelings, especially the unhappy, unpleasant or even scary ones can yield a lot of information about what is going on deep inside of our heads. In the end, we get all the say about what that little voice inside of us says to us, its only talking to us, isn't it? We can see that we don't care to listen to it any more and can add a different voice, with a new message (in this care, your positivi-tea). Then we get to practice making the new voice/attitude stronger than the old one, because the old one has been working hard for so many years and the new one is a bit puny in comparison. Don't worry too much. We all have to deal with this. Some of us are just lucky to see how much control we do have over how we think and feel. The rest of it is just mindfulness to what is going on inside and working that more helpful attitude to make it stronger.
about 11 years ago
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You sound like King David when he talked/prayed, COMPLAINED, to God when he was surrounded by his enemies and especially during his turmoils with Saul, and also during his turmoils with his own sons - this is your OWN little modern-day version of Psalms. Once again, thank you for your weekly pearls of wisdom that come from you willing to share your personal trials and tribulations - and triumphs. Hope your cured/healed leg problems are still doing well and have not resurfaced..
about 11 years ago
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*Tongue in cheek* :P BTW ~ I'd like a cup of positivi-TEA, too please :)
about 11 years ago


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