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Thank You So Much!!

First off, I would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I am sorry I didn't thank you all sooner, but I've been overseas for the past two weeks trying to decompress. Birthdays are always a weird one for me. They are always a double edged sword. Half of me loves to be spoiled in one form or another, as we all do, and the other half of me loathes taking a whole day out to remind myself that I am one year older. I guess I loath having to somewhat face my own mortality, and also having to face the absoluteness of someday being "old". It's all very ridiculous, I know, but I would really just like to stay 25 forever, thank you very much!

So this trip took me to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Las Vegas was...well...Las Vegas. I specifically went to Vegas for not only my birthday, but also for my little brother's high school graduation. Boy did that make me feel like an old fart!  Did, of course, have some amazing meals, and even went to the Cher show. It was an eventful week.

Then after a week of fulfilling my "dutiful daughter" duties, I flew to "La La Land" A.K.A Los Angeles. DISCLAIMER: I would like to apologize in advance if my following comments offend or  anger anyone. We're all entitled to our own opinions, right??  I greatly dislike L.A. And I mean GREATLY. The week was an endless barrage of head to toe once overs and "plastic-fantastic" people. I guess I'm a New Yorker at heart. It's a completely different planet then L.A. I decided that the only two pleasures I get in L.A. are... #1 The Giant Robot store on Sawtelle:

And El Cholo. I love this restaurant! Fresh guacamole made at your table, really good tacos, the infamous Green Tamale, and a really cool vibe.

Usually I'm bummed about ending a holiday and getting back to reality, but this time I can honestly say...I am happy to be back in Hong Kong. 

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happy belated birthday. I've never really been a fan of LA either, just driving through it is a pain. on the other hand I've loved the regions north and south of it. And NY rules. SF rules also.
over 14 years ago
LA is a strenuously unintellectual sinkhole of fake smiles, fake people and fake body parts. If it fell into the sea, the sea would try to give it back. Can you tell I'm a New Englander?
over 14 years ago
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we are happy you are back too!
over 14 years ago
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....I wasn't giving you the once over, I promise! I maybe was just curious what you wore, I don't remember... I've single handedly ruined your impression of Los Angeles... How can I make it up to you? How about some tofu chicken and eggos? hhhmmmm tempted?
over 14 years ago
Happy bday.U're just perfect as it is, a wrinkle less,a wrinkle more and it's not u.:)
over 14 years ago
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Happy belated birthday! Yeah, LA definitely has its pros and cons. El Cholo is one of my favorite spots too =]
over 14 years ago
Ericnakamura 18 ericnakamura
whoa, was it me?
over 14 years ago
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NY over LA anyday. Unless it is you spend your life in Disneyland... oh wait... that isn't good...
over 14 years ago
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no offense taken in regards to your opinion about LA. I live in LA and I don't care for it all too much. ok...now the LA ninjas will come out tonight and assassinate me with a poison dart.
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