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Dancing Queen! | 舞後!

I've just finished what probably has been the craziest thing I've done in my career. I took part in the Chinese version of "Dancing With The Stars" called "Wu Lin Da Hui". Big difference though, On the U.S. version you get a couple of months to practice. On the China version I got a day and a half. Let me just say this. I am not a dancer. I've never thought of myself as the most graceful of creatures. A day and a half!!! Oi vay, what had I gotten myself into...

I arrived in Shanghai thinking I was going to do an easy waltz or something since I had no prior dancing experience. Instead I was promptly given the "Paso Doble". Modeled after the sound, drama, and movement of the spanish bullfight, it's got tons of kicks, turns, and dips. Watching someone my height performing these things is kind of like watching a Daddy Long Leg spider having an epileptic fit. But I still went for it and practiced my butt off for that measly day and a half.

Turned out to be a twelve hour rush of adrenalin that ripped through my body almost causing me to black out on stage. It was terrifying and fun all wrapped up into one surreal experience. I remembered all my steps and managed to not injure myself or my partner in the process. Since my Mandarin stinks, I literally had no idea what was going on, but  Everyone was really cool and I had such a laugh. It was a lot of fun in the end but I think I'm gonna hang up my dancing shoes (they actually let me keep my shoes) for now.

Here's me sharpening my dancing prowess.

On stage with all the other contestants. I stick out like a sore thumb. I'm like a foot taller then almost everyone. The wardrobe ladies back stage were having a little giggle about how they had to scour the city to find size 40 dance shoes.

I have to apologize for the poor quality photos but these were taken with a snap and shot from the audience, and they were like a mile away from us.

This is after the dance and the judges are critiquing me. I'm smiling because I have no idea what they are saying.




狂飆了12小 時的腎上腺素,我都暈了,差點在舞臺上失去意識。把我們練習的動作表演出來真是可怕和有趣,結果是超現實體驗。還記得過程中我的所有舞步總算沒有傷到自己 和舞伴。因為普通話不好,我完全不知道節目進行到什麽程度,但大家都很嚴肅,我在笑。其實樂趣不少,但我想從現在起會把舞鞋高高掛起(他們讓我留著我的鞋)。





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hilarious! i want to see some video!
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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Wow, remind me not to try and buy shoes in China--I wear a 39. If you had fun, you should keep up with some form of dancing. Its a lot more fun (and challenging) than just going to the gym. As you learn and train your body, you do get better, and then it become a lot more enjoyable. I'm not saying you should do ballroom dance, necessarily, but I would imagine that all different sorts of dance instruction would be available in Hong Kong, and probably Shanghai, too. If the experience whetted your appetite, experiment. I love dancing and always feel a bit blue when I'm not dancing on a regular basis (like the last couple of months).
over 14 years ago
Li tong 2014 2 photo by fion cao
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! You are just too funny! I'm sure your grace and elegance already stood out by you just standing on that stage! xox
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You're like Shandi when she was competing on dancing with the Stars and stood at 5'11. Love the outfits!
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hey, you already did your best and have a very good try~ even it just an entertainment show. CHEERS!
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