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2009 Berkeley trip!

Time pass so fast, the Berkeley 17th Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament just finished, as every year, I always go to help to judge for the tournament, this year just like any other year, a lot of people, about over 450 athletes, I was judging from 1pm to 11pm, about 10 hours non stop judging, but i had so much fun, since i have been teaching and judging, I know most of the athletes, see them get better and better every year, make me very happy!  it is also a great time to catch up with all my old friends. so the day pass so fast.

my girl Tiffany get her first place, I was giving her gold medal as her head judge and her first wushu coach. she work so hard to keep training. I am so proud of her !! little LJ


me and sifu Fang

on sunday, since I am up in north California,  I also went to my friend Kash's sushi restaurant in 2001 17th st  San Francisco. we are old friend since 1999, while we are all at same English  class,  we all speak no English, and no money, 10 years later, we all in the different place, he work as bus boy at restaurant, but now he own a restaurant and a bar in SF, I am so happy for him. here is pictures of me eating at his live sushi bar.


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nice ... hope i can make it to be there next year :-)
over 14 years ago
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wow, 17 years already?!? I feel so old!! :-D
over 14 years ago
It looks like you had fun and got to see friends. That makes it a great trip!
over 14 years ago
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yummy.... liu kou shui !!!
over 14 years ago
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Great dish!!
over 13 years ago


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