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Li Jing

15th Wushu Collegiate 2011

just back in time for the 15th wushu collegiate, great time!

old friends

  ring 2judges, hehehehe. old friends fun judgeing with them!

great students waiting to find out the champion team of 2011

the cool judges!

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因为腰伤,回北京治了一个月, 昨天终于回到了鄂尔多斯把剩下的镜头补了些!!我的情人是我的战马, 因为它的听话,拍了两条就过了, 可能马也冷,想早收工!!

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my holiday in mongolia 我的蒙古圣诞节

还在蒙古鄂尔多斯工作, 但是我们也忙里偷闲的开心一刻!

在片场竟有人戴alive not dead帽子




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杨门女将之军令如山 耿二娘


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这次回中国,一是看家人, 再是参与一下杨家女将的拍摄。这是我第一次在中国拍电影,很亲切。现在在横店开机, 好开心!!!

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berkely 2010

One year pass so fast. I just get back from Berkeley for the CMAT 2010, I had a lot of fun, and after Berkeley, me and my coach , and Wu Di, when to Las Vegas to visit my other teammate, and played for two more days, it was fun,  I love black jack now is time to visit my family in Beijng, will be back to BJ for about month, from 12th to Jun9th, I will love to see more of my friends in BJ. miss home!!!


wite all my teammate in Vegas, and DX's new baby Boy

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The weather is getting hot, and I the snow is going melt. so I when to snowboard for the last time of this year, and it was so fun!!! Of course fall many times, but it was fun!!!

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2010 北京跨年

拍完priest就回北京休假了,什么都好, 但是就是太冷了。1月3号北京下了2010年的第一场雪。看这片片鹅毛大雪。 好开心!

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Working at Philadelphia

I haven't update my blog for a long time, my life has been busy, oh, may be I just little lazy! I am working on Last Air Bender at Philadelphia, I can't talk about the work, but I can show you the city, it is a beautiful city, has a lot of nice buildings, and you can walk around the city shopping, eating on the side of street.  at play at the park on the side of street, on sunday, I went to philadelphia Museum of Art, and the same time, the have their 25th International championship for bike! here is some of the pictures I took!

the Museum

city of Philadelphia

the liberty bill.

tired, but fun. now back to work!

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2009 Berkeley trip!

Time pass so fast, the Berkeley 17th Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament just finished, as every year, I always go to help to judge for the tournament, this year just like any other year, a lot of people, about over 450 athletes, I was judging from 1pm to 11pm, about 10 hours non stop judging, but i had so much fun, since i have been teaching and judging, I know most of the athletes, see them get better and better every year, make me very happy!  it is also a great time to catch up with all my old friends. so the day pass so fast.

my girl Tiffany get her first place, I was giving her gold medal as her head judge and her first wushu coach. she work so hard to keep training. I am so proud of her !! little LJ


me and sifu Fang

on sunday, since I am up in north California,  I also went to my friend Kash's sushi restaurant in 2001 17th st  San Francisco. we are old friend since 1999, while we are all at same English  class,  we all speak no English, and no money, 10 years later, we all in the different place, he work as bus boy at restaurant, but now he own a restaurant and a bar in SF, I am so happy for him. here is pictures of me eating at his live sushi bar.


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