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DVD's education

I am not sure if there is any DVD collectors here, I myself have been collecting DVD in the past few years and I notice that quite a lot of people don't really care much about the quality of the DVD they buy.

I mean, it is no doubt the prices of the DVD are getting cheaper and cheaper, but unfortunately, the qualities are also getting lower and lower. Price does matter somehow. Check the image below:

It is a film cap from Zhang Yimou's "Curse of Flying Dagger". Ok  I know it is probably not a good film choice, but just forget the film itself and simply compare the image quality of the two DVDs, the top from the korean version DVD and the bottom from the mainland version, and you can tell easily the difference. In the mainland one, you can't even see the face of the girls clearly, they all look muddy and unclear.  And not to mention the poor sound quality of the disc.

Moreover, check out the frame of the image, the edges of the mainland one are obviously cropped more than the one above, and also the wrong color adjustment...

No doubt the mainland disc is much cheaper than the above one, and that may explain why most people would go for it even though they know they are buying something that are more inferior in quality... But hey how can any genuine film lover tolerate this kind of disc? how can anyone tolerate a film being butchered like this? It is just a kind of disrespect to filmmaking...

To revive the film industry in Hong Kong, apart from rejuvenating the business itself, i think education is also very important, especially how to educate the public to respect and appreciate film art, and see film as a form of art and culture, instead of just pulp entertainment...

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