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HK FilmMonth 2007

For those who dunno, check this out: http://www.rthk.org.hk/special/filmmonth2007/index.htm

This is basically a TV series produced by RTHK, there are 10 episodes and each of them covers an aspect of the world film market, like, the first one talks about the independent realm in hk, and then the second one about japanese film market...

i think it is a very good introductory film course for anyone who wanna learn more about what is happening to the film business right now, and perhaps also to get a panorama of the international film market... although most of the stuff are rather brief, like in the first episode, they actually went to beijing to interview jia zhang-ke, but the clip is just about a few mins long, quite a waste, it is still worth a look...

although many ppl say hk government is not supporting the film business, i guess its good to see that at least they care to make something like this...

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