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How to shoot a movie in 2 weeks-Part 2

I've always seen friends or friends of friends go to Thailand and do the infamous elephant ride.  All I can say is I wouldn't do it again.  It's much better to watch them from the ground...especially if you are afraid of heights!

I just realized that I was much happier before I got on.

Trying to climb the gentle giant....no one showed us how to do it ...the dude just pointed to the top and told me to climb.  I've never felt so vulnerable as a human being. She was one powerful creature.

Here we go!

We had to act like we were having fun, but to tell you the truth....I was scuuuurrrrred.

After a humbling experience like that I had to get myself some....

and of course...

Meet my new friends...

Can u tell they had a blast with their new toy?

My first time in Singapore I had to put these on...

This was about 2 months ago...Sorry but not a big fan of lime green laces.

So check out the flick peeps! Watch how these idiot brothers try to get their hands on 5 MILLION DOLLARS!


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Maybe you coulda got some cute girl to goose you up? ;D
almost 11 years ago
Seriously? Why were you scared? Gonna fall off? Gonna get eaten by the elephant?
almost 11 years ago
Children wandering around with misc. body parts are creepy. =O
almost 11 years ago
Photo 54554
hey J....happy holidays!
almost 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i once saw a video of an elephant go crazy and kill its owner. now i'm scared of elephants! =D
almost 11 years ago
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this is some foreign tourists' idea of a cruel joke... "i think you should give this place an english name... I have a good suggestion!"
almost 11 years ago
Paulinec 1a img 1269
KINDA HOT .. da blue!! kakaka
almost 11 years ago
Photo 462341
This show is 'on' tonight and soon :) I am waiting to see it Now (I like both Ah-Bu and U) so of cos need to see this :P :)
almost 11 years ago
Photo 80548
almost 11 years ago
Photo 22404
I ‘ m a small elephant。哈哈 高中同学都叫我小小象。
over 10 years ago


Hi My name is Johnny, the "H" is silent.

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