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Quick shout out to my boys in hk. Without you guys I would never been fortunate enough to start my BJJ journey!

Colin Tam Tim Dopson what a champion :)

Last day in Hong Kong.... its been great catching up with everyone. If we missed anyone, we will have to catch up next time :(

Thank you for a great time & some wicked presents!

Over a decade + behind the stick!

Hey Guys,

Just realized i've been behind the stick over a decade.....  and its been AWESOME...  Just to give a update,  Im currently in Australia teaching and preaching hospitality, sharing my stories and experience with future bartenders hoping to inspire future bartenders......


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been so long...

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Cocktail Competition

Hey Guys,

Sorry I havnt updated in a while been ever so busy with travels and bar openings in Australia   but as soon as things slow down i promise i will be back to weekly updates and posting new drinks for you guys to make at home!

Anyways in the mean time...if you love  cocktails, a friend and fellow barmen of mine is currently in a local cocktail competition and needs some support!

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Wheres are the Cookies!!!

Hey Guys,

I havnt been blogging due to my relocation back to Australia.  I've finally got my act together so ill update you guys on some of the things i've been up to :

First of all i was very fortunate to be apart of Master Chef Neil Perry's cocktail bar "The Waiting Room;

Neil Perry!

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Cocks, tales and Cocktails

Hey AnD  ,

I I've been really busy with all my travels, shows, exhibits rah rah rah rah and kinda lost track of my blog but here is a quick update on all the things this crazy bartender has been up to....

  1. Designing drinks for the Restaurant and Bar Show

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True Original No.4

Hey Guys,

As bartending gets more creative and more competitive with upcoming star and styles/cultures there is a definite movement in the craft it self.  I've never been a fan of "flairtending" i think its purely entertainment and lacks in the customer service area.

I do believe it is a tool of the trade and should be used in the right situation also known as "work f...Read more

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Mix & Mix Taipei~!

Hey Guys,

as you know already im currently on tour.... flying around asia doing cocktail demonstrations for Les Vergers Boiron... here are some pics... don't you think i look like the white guy in the previous clip hehe

Me and Aki Wang from Taiwan 3 time Belverdere Cocktail Champion

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