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Weird dream of AnD Ppl

Okie it's really weird...but i dreamt about Patrick and Andrew last night....quite strange...heh. Shall not divulge the details....:P

P.S ok details were exposed in

comments below ...

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haha i suppose good :P but weird...hehe
over 16 years ago
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hehe peachey im shy :PP and scared of the reactions from the 2 mentioned parties hahaha
over 16 years ago
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erm...*gulps* k here it goes, nothing much actually....think the setting was in my bedrm :P pat was i think giving me foot massages and i tot it felt really comfortable (K Pat, dun get offended :p only a dream). And Andrew was near my wardrobe in grey singlet and we were getting ready to go out to cycle, however the clouds were quite dark....thats all. Sorry to disappoint you gals/guys...heh. Btw Peachey, i read about dreams interpretations; i think the size of the bed determines your sex drive haha~ ;)
over 16 years ago
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oh no, dan is a bully in your dreams :p Poor renren *sayang*
over 16 years ago


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