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Settling problem of evening gown

Sorry to bore all of you again with the gown issue.

But today my bridesmaid followed me to the bridal shop and saw the evening gown in actual view, she said that the colour was much brighter than taken in the photos. And could see the crystal detailings and said were nice.

Seamstress said that i lost quite a lot of inches so she'd be altering to be much tighter, and the top part will 'slice' inwards a bit to make the shoulder strap thinner...

Hopefully with all the alterations, better photography skills by professional, make up, hairdo, shoes and accessories, it would solve the problem and do the trick.

25th is really drawing closer...next weekend my music sch holidays would be taken up by my engagement encounter (EE) camp (Fri-Sun), which is a compulsory camp for couples getting married in a church. And next Thurs is my driving test...sigh so many things haha.

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hee rottendoubt, next time u'd go with your future wife for gowns fitting and your suits fitting :) That'd be super interesting to read about ;)
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25th June is my photoshoot, then i'd feel much more relaxed :p Actual day is 27th Oct (Church) 1st Nov is dinner banquet. Diff days due to 27th Oct being a very hot date.
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