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  • Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile Videos here or youtube and search under Cloudz7. Play by ear music which im interested in.

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you're looking for a pianist performer/singer/teacher.

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  • Feast of the Holy Family Feast of the Holy Family

    Monday, Dec 27, 2010 12:24AM / Standard Album
    8 pictures / 737 views / 1 comment

    Today besides being Boxing Day, happens to be the Feast of the Holy Family in the liturgical calendar in Catholism. And my church happens to be Holy Family Church (Katong), hence we had a banquet at Roland Restaurant. Great time gathering with family and my choir friends, some whom i knew since like sec 4...so u can imagine how long..

  • Jesus' birthday (Christmas 2010) Jesus' birthday (Christmas 2010)

    Sunday, Dec 26, 2010 1:34AM / Standard Album
    15 pictures / 1087 views / 1 comment

  • Christmas Eve 2010 Christmas Eve 2010

    Saturday, Dec 25, 2010 1:25PM / Standard Album
    10 pictures / 1240 views / 4 comments

  • 1st purely nuclear family outing 1st purely nuclear family outing

    Friday, Nov 19, 2010 1:02AM / Standard Album
    26 pictures / 1347 views / 5 comments

    We survived...surprisingly enjoyably too.

    Basically i work on weekends, my husband of course like u guys work on weekdays, so only public holidays, both of us dun work. So its a rare occasion to bring them both on our own out...

    Didnt expect to take photos till we saw the gorgeous Christmas setting, hence yours truly didn't put make up nor contacts...

  • Jeremiah is 8 mths Jeremiah is 8 mths

    Wednesday, Nov 17, 2010 2:02PM / Standard Album
    11 pictures / 1260 views / 6 comments

    Jeremiah has been 8 mths for more than a week or so, but only found the time today to capture some shots of him, and post online.

    He's getting very pampered, doesnt like to be left too long in the walker (tho can stay for an hr or so), or if u put him in the cot sometimes he'd protest to be carried by fake-crying till it becomes real...

    He's very strong and violent that he can grab and claw ppl's faces or hair in the process without knowing he's hurting the person real bad....real bad.

    Other than that, he's a very curious kid that is interested in ppl talking, singing, music, reading books to him, just like his sister. And frm the photos, u can see he reaches out for the piano to play, even in his walker which is of some height away.

    Currently he loves to eat things even outside his cereal, tho i dun really cook stuff for him, he eats porridge, and just now tau huey even, biscuits, normal stuff, but my dad fed him ice-cream which im afraid will spoil his digestive system!

    Parent of my student commented his features are pretty as a girl. Some may think its worrying that a boy looks like a girl, but last time my mum used to say if the boy is pretty, its like "hua yi ban de nan hai"....ok not so cliche like F4...bleh, more handsome than the average. Next time gotta vet the girlfriends heh, and hope there's not too much problem in fending off girls. Too bad, mummy's crushes didnt care about mummy last time except daddy, so now Jer boy will take revenge for mummy *evil laughter*

    K enuff of evil ramblings. Jer boy other than the 1st 2 points, is generally a good and reasonable boy, all babies like to be carried...so its not really a fault. Oh yeah, another one is he likes to put things in his mouth. All things that he grabs...

    Too bad baptism photos are with my brother, so only on Facebook.

  • My birthday 2010 My birthday 2010

    Monday, Sep 27, 2010 11:07PM / Standard Album
    34 pictures / 1717 views / 5 comments

  • 6 mths Jer boi can stand and support on his own 6 mths Jer boi can stand and support on his own

    Thursday, Sep 23, 2010 3:11PM / Standard Album
    13 pictures / 1012 views / 3 comments

  • Last day in Tokyo Last day in Tokyo

    Wednesday, Sep 22, 2010 6:02PM / Standard Album
    18 pictures / 754 views / 1 comment

  • Day 3 Tokyo Day 3 Tokyo

    Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010 12:22AM / Standard Album
    46 pictures / 1298 views / 9 comments

  • Day 2 @ Tokyo Day 2 @ Tokyo

    Monday, Sep 13, 2010 12:00AM / Standard Album
    48 pictures / 1196 views / 3 comments

  • 11th Sept: Tokyo day 1 'livefeed' 11th Sept: Tokyo day 1 'livefeed'

    Saturday, Sep 11, 2010 10:25PM / Standard Album
    36 pictures / 622 views / 1 comment

    11th Sept 2010

    Arrived at Narita Airport Terminal 2 at 6 plus am Japan time. B4 tat was like watching the recently passed Sex & the City onboard the plane. Ended up like was it 2 hrs of sleep only? Was concussed @@ when we arrived. Dropped our luggage at Mitsui Garden Hotel Yotsuya before going down to Shinjuku's Gyoen garden. I can't believe i got bitten by a mosquito and killed it and blood spurted out gross...And i was telling Mr Cloudz' the crows there were altos, whereas in S'pore the crows seem like sopranos :p Japanese crows are Huge and low pitched...quite scary too. Tat's wat u didnt see in the photos...Finally went back to non-mosquito land at Taka. On the way i found Yamaha @ Shinjuku! Quite excited haha, and boh liao, went to explore the studios and realised they are MUCH smaller in size than in Singapore. So we shouldnt complain too much huh...one band was playing Lullaby of a Birdland (jazz) at a rather slow tempo...if only i could join in haha.

    Went to Taka and had very blah tempura soba for the not cheap price like 1000 over Yen...and it sux. Went down the elevators and a shop Tokyo Hands like monopolized at least 4 or more levels of it! Crazy...and we still see it in the streets...very high rental they must be paying and hence they must be doing damn well. We finally found Mr Cloudz' fav Kinokuniya book store but too bad didnt buy anything.

    Went back hotel to check in at like 3pm! They dun allow earlier check in w/o extra charges. So u can imagine how concussed we were...

    Evening after nap, went to Shibuya for dinner and exploration. Tried this scallop butter & pork ramen which kinda mentioned it's from Sapporo (so i figured it should be pretty good). And indeed it was! Though it cost ard S$20, but look at the humongous scallops! 1st time it was like scallops overdose for us! And it's cheaper and tastes MUCH BETTER than the sucky tempura soba i had at Taka...

    By the time we reached Harajuku it was 9pm jap time. And to my horror the shops were actually closing! i tot they closed much later, but i was so wrong....i was like pressurised when i finally found an apparels store and bought a white top which i'd prolly wear in the next few days? sigh. Didnt get to properly shop and they closed. Sad. Anyhow, we bought crepe to lift our spirits slightly, something is better than nothing. It tasted pretty good as well-banana chocolate with ice-cream, but more cream, crepe...

    Alrite adieu, 3 days more to cover ard 8 places? Hope we can keep up to our planned itinerary, gambatte!

  • Stariel turns 2~! Stariel turns 2~!

    Friday, Aug 27, 2010 3:00PM / Standard Album
    24 pictures / 733 views / 2 comments

  • 5 mths Jer boi moving in walker! 5 mths Jer boi moving in walker!

    Tuesday, Aug 17, 2010 11:24PM / Standard Album
    10 pictures / 559 views / 5 comments

    Just now was bathing, walking back to rm, saw MIL carrying Jer boy while feeding mei mei. So i wanted to carry him back to the cot, then she suggested i put him on the walker.

    To my surprise, his feet not only could touch the ground, he could also move and 'walk' around in the walker! And substantial distance too but didnt capture here how he moved all over the living room.

    Well done Jer boy!

  • 5 mths Jer boy 5 mths Jer boy

    Tuesday, Aug 17, 2010 11:18PM / Standard Album
    10 pictures / 630 views / 1 comment

  • Wagyu early bdae dinner Wagyu early bdae dinner

    Monday, Aug 16, 2010 1:40AM / Standard Album
    11 pictures / 519 views / 3 comments

    Mr Cloudz's in for reservist on his actual birthday sadly, so i decided to treat him early b'dae dinner just now at Aburiya, since he was saying he wants wagyu beef. This time went to the other branch to try the quality stds. Seems ok only, doesn't beat the other one as online ppl says...

    So he ordered wagyu variety, i ordered wagyu ribeye. Luckily got garlic rice to fill us up nicely. Then ops ordered Kurobuta later on which is blah (doesnt melt in our mouths?) but the butter sweet sauce was nice...doh. Onigiri is the rice ball u see in the photos too.

    Walked to Liang Court since Mr Cloudz' fav is Kinokuniya (jap bookstore)....bought a Zhao Cai Mao (fortune cat)  from there, pretty cute, forgot to take photo and post though...mm

  • Guitar heroes/Drumming Guitar heroes/Drumming

    Wednesday, Aug 11, 2010 12:52AM / Standard Album
    7 pictures / 484 views / 2 comments


  • Resort World Sentosa-Hard Rock Resort World Sentosa-Hard Rock

    Friday, Aug 6, 2010 6:10PM / Standard Album
    60 pictures / 814 views / 6 comments

    5th-6th Aug 2010

    Yest Thurs checked into Hard Rock, check in time was 3 pm, but reached there at ard 12 plus. While waiting, we ate lunch outside Starz. The quick bites (ordered chicken drumlets, crab cakes, mini burgers and macaroni cheese-dun order this) were FAR Cheaper than the buffet of $39.90 per pax. Waited very long for the food though...so in the end took the initial photos as u can see below. They were supposed to call us when there was a room available, but while waiting for our lunch, i just popped by the concierge to ask and there was actually a room available. Relieved to check in since the boy was getting frustrated in the pram.

    Rested for a short while and the gal was really enjoying the room, climbing on to the chair and onto the ledge like a monkey...and watching OKTO #...(didnt tune at home)

    We then went to the Universal Studios. Hubby initially didnt want to go, but my dad was saying, should take a look. The good thing about having young kids is they are free since below 4 years old. BUT, some rides can't take :( so i guess a good age to go is when they're ard 3. But of course can't take those scary rides la. Didnt manage to go into the various small shops but things are not cheap, except for the candy store. Wanted to take a ride that get wet in the process, but hubby didnt want, so too bad. So we took only a few rides, and the only thing that was not bad, was not the ride, but a show in 4D (Shrek). You could feel water splashing/spiders dropping on you etc on top of the 3D effects. Time flew past quite fast, and my FIL was asking my MIL to join him in the casino already, so no choice, we have to leave b4 exploring the entire area. And i also intended to bring the kids to swim at Hard Rock, and the sun was setting already...

    The kids did enjoy the pool although they sometimes accidentally swallowed a bit of pool water...half didnt like the sandy part of the pool...they tried to emulate the beach. Gal wanted to be in the pool longer but daddy said boy is cold already...so we went up. Ate the pastries i bought (they gave us a free NDP cupcake as u can see in the photos). The kids were knocked out after the swim.

    Watched my Desperate Housewives on 5 and the re-run of Cruel Temptation (Qi zhi de you huo) on Channel U, then hubby went to casino from 12-3am! I slept in with the boy...not interested in 'losing' $100 upfront. Though last time when preggie with Jeremiah, won money.

    The breakfast buffet at Starz today was not bad, had the normal breads, fruits, hams, my favourite cheese section, but then the queue for the roti prata was linked to the egg station and was very long....can see the chefs super busy till i had to ask them about the hash browns tat were empty, then they forgot about it in the oil, hence it was TOTALLY over-fried. Other than tat, ok la, not bad. But didnt have much chinese dimsum except a veg pao i saw. Porridge and mee-rubus, which i usually dun take in such int'l buffets.

    Went shopping along That stretch whereby the only interesting stores are Victoria Secret, Coach, Swaroski which i browsed...the super high end watches are too expensive...Finally bought a VS charm for my bag, 1st time went there bought other stuff, just bio-ed at the charm. Was thinking if i dun buy, i'd prolly think of going back to buy again...so.... They actually have nicer silver diamante ones like in a key shaped or initials VS, but too small in comparison with my bag, hence i bought the gold one instead.

    Tiring, didnt sleep well...but rested in the hotel after brekkie.

  • Jer boi the flying fish Jer boi the flying fish

    Saturday, Jul 31, 2010 11:15PM / Standard Album
    13 pictures / 576 views / 7 comments

  • 4 mths Jeremiah 4 mths Jeremiah

    Monday, Jul 19, 2010 11:48PM / Standard Album
    16 pictures / 486 views / 3 comments

  • Yamaha DnD 2010 Yamaha DnD 2010

    Tuesday, Jun 29, 2010 12:52AM / Standard Album
    16 pictures / 553 views / 3 comments

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