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It isn't much, but to me it means alot. Thank you for supporting my blog!To celebrate this, I'd like to make some changes to my blogging style and outlook. Stay tuned to my next entry :)I've already changed my display picture. Guess what is it for?

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Family Night

It was the most important show for me on 20th March Saturday. I twitted that I was actually feeling nervous, at the second last show (24th) already??? The reason is because daddy, mummy, 3 uncles, and my F4 family was coming to watch, all at the same time.So as I mentioned in earlier post. I went out for Satay night with dad and uncles. But did I mention we went for Durian Hunt too? And that was with daddy&#...Read more

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Thank You

So that marks the end. I don't really know what are the words to describe my feelings at the moment. All I can say is, I finally fell terribly sick one day after the last show. Might be due to the wrap party last night. Or, you know, when you're under high stress level for a long period of time, and when its over, you let loose and the lurking illness in you starts outbreaking. I think thats what happening to me. Anyway I'm gonna have a good rest from now on. For a while.I'd like to thank all the cast and crews one by one. Starting ...Read more

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Curtain Call

We are coming to the last weekend of the shows. I'd like to highlight a couple of events that happened.First it was Fauzie Laily (Tom Robinson) falling seriously sick on Tuesday. And therefore unable to perform on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Fortunately, our Assistant Stage Manager Mohammad Isyaffi aka Iban, who is also a theatre actor, is there to take over. We carried on with the show with some minor changes to our choreography and with Iban reading from script. We apologise to the audiences of Tuesday and Wednesday night show. But Iban ha...Read more

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My Cap Collection

Monday is the only day without a show. And its also the only day where I can possibly wear a cap out. But the past two Mondays were filled with shoots and events and I couldn't wear my precious caps. So its like almost a month since I put on a single headgear.I miss you babies so much! Showcasing, my collection (half of them) of Mesh Caps! (the other half is in Hong Kong either too precious to wear, or stolen by my dad or my sister. Oh and some were stolen by Clement too)Read more

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Eventful Monday

You see, I've been so busy with mockingbird with one show everyday and 2 shows on Saturday, and the dressing room has no wireless so I couldn't even go online by my lappy, only by my mobile phone. Such tiring days do have a single rest day which is Monday. MONDAY. Its not suppose to be Monday Blues for me as its the only off day I have. But apparently yesterday was an eventful one. Seems like I'm busier on my rest day than Show days. First it was the Academy Awards Oscar screening at the Theatres, yours truely Golden Village.I'...Read more

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Review: TKAMockinbird

Ok I have to admit this is the good part of the reviews. As a theatre rookie, I've expected critics especially on me when I'm playing the main role. And I am taking them constructively. I will work on it more in the future.On the first show day, I've uploaded a special 'interview' with the casts, as well as subsequent videos as days goes by. But one thing I have yet to mention pertaining the first show day is... I've got flowers from Dad, Mum and Sister, as well as unclesRead more

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Backstage Happenings!

Here's yesterday's episode 2. Introducing Pravin Saivi and some of our backstage crews including the wardrobe mistresses and Stage Managers. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtq_YnC5-DoAnd today we have episode 3! Tan Shou Chen, Claude Giradi and Abel Koh.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN7eYnFmvf0And bonus!Video: Read more

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The time has come

The Latest interview before the show tomorrow. Click on the picture to zoom in![](/attachments/2010/02/26/00/108641_201002260039141.thumb.jpg)
And finally, tomorrow is the day. 25 shows to go.Me in extremely thick theatre makeupI'd like to share this two very special songs to everyone, of course its TKAM-related. *HintElla's Song Read more

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Apart from Rehearsals..

I do still have a life. Lets see what I've done so far. Been to Stefanie Sun's Concert with friends. Yes I have a new hairstyle, shorter fringes.The 'Very delicious dinner' I had at ...Read more

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