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I'm in RZA's new kung fu film|我會在RZA的新功夫電影中出現|我会在RZA的新功夫电影中出现

Thank you to RZA from Wutang Clan. I feature as the wise super kung-fu Abbot in his new movie The Man WIth The Iron Fists, which he is director and lead actor (also starring many AnD artists), he presented me with a guitar he bought for me when we completed filming in Hengdian recently ...

One day I hope to jam, rap and hip-hop with the RZA and the Wu boys! | 多謝Wutang Clan的RZA。在他自導自演的新電影《鐵拳》裡,我飾演一個高明的武僧(戲中還有很多AnD藝人)。 當我們在橫店拍攝的時候他給我買了一個結他...

我希望有一天可以和RZA和Wutang Clan的其他成員一起jam, rap和hip-hop!| 多谢Wutang Clan的RZA。在他自导自演的新电影《铁拳》裡,我饰演一个高明的武僧(戏中还有很多AnD艺人)。 当我们在横店拍摄的时候他给我买了一个结他... 我希望有一天可以和RZA和Wutang Clan的其他成员一起jam, rap和hip-hop!

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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
Good to know! Glad to hear u had a good time with the RZA!
about 9 years ago
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that's pretty sweet, i'm sure working with you was a dream for him too!
about 9 years ago
Img 9226
Awesome, Gordon. And you were too!
about 9 years ago
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about 9 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
wow, very cool!
about 9 years ago
Photo 28042
Another important reason to look forward to this movie. It's got so much going for it. Can't wait. What a nice gesture. Hope all your jamming dreams come true.
about 9 years ago
Photo 23318
Liu Laoshi, great to hear about your role in this project. Congratulations! it should have been an honor for the RZA to have you!
about 9 years ago
Photo 443826
that's amazing, gordon!
about 9 years ago
Photo 344337
amazing! best of both worlds!
about 9 years ago
Me 6
Wow i look forward to seeing this movie, to see you rock with WuTang haha is a must see. Gravel Pit part2.
about 9 years ago
I'm sure he is a big fan of yours, Gordon, as are many kung fu enthusiasts around the world!
about 9 years ago
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about 9 years ago
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GO RZA and the entire WU clan for helping keep Kung-fu aalive!!!!!
about 9 years ago
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alive, not dead!
about 9 years ago
Photo 402234
Looking so much forward to see your work together! All the best to you Sir!
about 9 years ago
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aaahh, so little space to squeeze in. Should have learnt shorthand**
about 9 years ago
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wow, cant wait!!
about 9 years ago
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Nice axe!
about 9 years ago


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