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Gordon Liu has the distinction of being one of the most popular and iconic martial-arts stars during the past three decades. A status he has attained through his stellar performances in many landmark kung-fu movies that have helped define the martial-arts / action film genre, including The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin (AKA Master Killer), Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, Challenge Of The Masters, Clan Of The White Lotus, Legendary Weapons Of China and many more.

In his illustrious career, Gordon has worked closely with many of the Hong Kong film industry’s top talents, featuring in numerous lead roles for both “Godfathers of Kung Fu Cinema” - directors, Liu Chia Liang and Chang Cheh, and has partnered with many internationally renowned Chinese stars. One of his biggest fans, director Quentin Tarantino created roles especially for Gordon Liu for both his Kill Bill – Volumes 1 & 2.

Trained in martial-arts from a young age, Gordon Liu is a “9th Generation Master” of the Hung Gar style of kung fu, a protégé descendent from the legendary Chinese kung fu master, Wong Fei Hung.

Gordon Liu is a leading television dramatic actor and has featured in hundreds of television dramas series in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. | 劉家輝(Gordon Liu,1955年8月22日-),本名冼錦熙,生於中國廣東省。1970年代末到1980年代間,曾是邵氏電影公司力捧的功夫片男星,也曾做過導演、監製與武術指導,現為無綫電視旗下一員。


刘家辉是刘湛的干儿子,与刘湛的两个儿子,刘家良、刘家荣并无血缘关系。由于刘湛是洪拳名家林世荣(师承黄飞鸿)的弟子,刘家辉自小便接受刘家良严格的正统武术训练,奠定后来成为武打明星的基础。 |

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My official website: www.MasterGordon.com

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english, cantonese, mandarin
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