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INK'D, originally uploaded by dougievision.Finally, did it after about 15 years of thinking about getting ink'd. Well, I didn't think about it everyday...just that it was in the back of my mind to one day step up to the plate.

Maybe it was hanging out with the crew (24Herbs who got pieces), or watching 3hours of tattooing every Sunday night (LA Ink, Miami Ink, Tattoo Wars) that delivered me to the moment. Shout-out to VV & LOC who accompanied me, Phat for being a bro and helping me along and of course Gabe @ Dragon Ace Tattoo for the dope work. His love for skulls is equal and above mine!

Whatever the reason, I'm on the journey to get blasted by artists around the world. The tattoo gives me new energy to do my sh*t the best I can. It's corny but, truth is corny a lot of the time.

Btw, I got 'a skull with wings'. Pretty simple, but they're both something I can live with the rest of my life. The wings are dedicated to my guardian angels that look after me and the skull is for the respect I have for life and death. You got this time living, make it how you wanna.

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where exactly is it? not 100% clear from the picture! ;-)
about 15 years ago
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Nicee Good to see you got somthing you can live with and its become a passion.. haha i mean once you get ink in your blood... you kinda always have it in you... one is never enough... =] really b4 i started modeling... i got all my tats.. and wanted a whole sleve from left arm to my chest, and half of my shoulder. and then i started modeling... so i guess my body art will have to wait... haha hope it wont be to the point where my body is all old and nasty... ughhh well looking forward to pic of your tat!
about 15 years ago
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congrats! cant wait to see it bro! good luck and safe flight to and fro to thailand and singapore xo
about 15 years ago
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somehow you had a painful twist on ya look...!!happy tatts.. it's worth it.
about 15 years ago


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