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the oscars

so, i must say i'm a sucker for the oscars...it's something i look forward to, the dresses, the movie stars, guessing who will win, all of it, i love it.  i have some great oscar memories...one, the year i went to the oscars with my mom and crouching tiger...that was awesome. i sat in the 9th row, 2nd seat from the aisle, between my mom and ziyi. i bought this red dress from like ABS or something, definitely cost less than probably the socks some of the men were wearing...and i remember being pulled aside on the red carpet and asked who made my dress, and i turned with a straight face and said "kmart" and walked off. hehe.  we were walking in behind sting and his wife, so cool, so cool...i kept thinking, one day, i'm going to come back for something i've done...and i will...

anyways, the other oscar memory for me was one year i was in hk making THREE, and i was staying at this hotel and my mom would stay there with me and hang with me whenever i was off. and i just happened to have that day off, so my mom and i watched the entire 5 hour show together playing gin at the same time...cracking jokes, laughing, it was so great, so great. one of my best memories with my mom...

this year, i sat on the couch at home, sick, not feeling good but knowing that the oscars would cheer me up...hehe, and it did...

tilda swinton, what a surprise, but she's SO amazing, i'm so happy for her...that performance was awesome too.  you should watch her in a movie called "young adam." it's awesome. she's awesome.  and marion cottilard, just wow...what a transformation...amazing...and daniel day lewis, yeah, shocker.  ha. but i DID love george clooney in michael clayton. that was a great movie.  watched it the other nite with bubs and we both thought it was awesome.  javier, hello sexy spanish accent....i forgot all about that bowl cut.  anyways, i LOVE the oscars. i know, i know, they're all hoopla and whatever else, but come on...so fun. and i thought jon stewart rocked as the host. so funny, smart, and classy that guy...all the flashback scenes they would show, they always give me goosebumps...the history of hollywood...all of those classic actors, films...lovely...

anyways, that was my oscar nite...and now i continue to recuperate from what seems like the flu that everyone and their dog has...but it's pretty outside! 

OH!  and i saw the lunar eclipse last week!! awesome...so gorgeous even if a bit hidden by the cloudy weather...still, stunning...

hope everyone is well and happy and healthy!! 

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yeah, first time a spanish actor won an Oscar!!!! so cool!!! ^____^ And it's an actor we like in Spain!!!! (not many people like Almodovar as director for example =p) haha did u see No country for old men yet? I soo wanna watch it ><
almost 13 years ago
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"i turned with a straight face and said "kmart" and walked off" that's so cool! I like Tilda Swinton .. her style, acting, attitude : )
almost 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i don't think i've ever watched an entire oscars before. my problem is that i don't see enough of the movies that are nominated to make it interesting to me. one day i hope to though!!!!
almost 13 years ago
Stephen 93 stephen
Heh... I was actually backstage for the 2000 Oscars helping to run the Oscar.com web site. During the pre-show rundown I ran out into the auditorium and sat down in the seat designated for Chow Yun-Fat -- it even had a big old posterboad with his head on it for camera rehersal... Lots of memories from my one and only visit ... Maybe 2001 won't be YOUR last visit, though... heehee...
almost 13 years ago
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I wonder if kmart promptly designed a knockoff for their own kmart design.
almost 13 years ago


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