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hong kong trip

so, i had another one of my quick trips over to hong kong...i went over for the awards ceremony, which i attended with my mom, marsh, and harry...was fun cuz, well, my mom is pretty much the coolest person on earth.  i really don't dig those types of events tho, i prefer to hide thank you very much.  ha.  other than that, i did a photo shoot for my talented and lovely sweet friend gosia's fabulous jewelry line...it was the first time marsh and i took pics together, so that was an interesting experience cuz we were wondering if we took pics together would we finally see ANY resemblance?  ha.  negative.  hehe.  it's crazy how different we look...but marsh is so gorgeous i'm amazed i'm her sister...   looking at the photos, she is so identical to our mom, it's crazy...isn't that weird how genetics works?  you know how you see a dad and his son walking around and they look like the spitting image of one another?  you can pretty much predict what that boy will look like as an older version of himself!  so marsh...you're pretty much gonna be crazy cool like mom!  hehe.  anyways, i also got to hang out with gosia at our favorite organic cafe where we drank a few too many lovely glasses of rose...but hey, it's organic, right?   jeez, i love these little smiley faces...sorry to say, that's the extent of my blogging extras as i have no idea how to download anything...nor do i own a camera,  which seems to really irk some people cuz i am unable to send them pictures, but i don't take pictures of myself, so what's to send?  so anyways...ramble ramble ramble...see how bad i am at this blogging thing?  i always end up NOT getting to hang out with everyone i want to during my short trips...so i'll have to see them next trip out...now i'm back in la...shooting a passion project, well, a pre-passion project sort of...it's always hard to sort of just get shit together to shoot, altho it's also easy cuz you just have to pick up and do it...no real planning, just...GO!  it's fun tho, and isn't that what this is about?  getting to do what i love, my way, without the politics and crap...we'll keep it a secret til it's done, but i'm lucky to work with such artistic talent...it all looks so gorgeously shot, it's amazing what you can create with so little money...it's like "ONCE" which i mentioned before that i loved so much...i watched it again in hk, btw, and i cried all the way through...if you watched their oscars acceptance speech and heard how they kept saying keep loving art, creating art...it was such a wonderful feeling...that's what i think we're trying to do with our project...and what i always hope to get to do...lately, i've been lucky enough to come upon a few such wonderful artists and directors who i will hopefully be working with this year...i can't wait!  it's always the best when you get to help create and develop your character, and work in an intimate, more personal, setting...(yes, read as no-budget indie, hehe) but i LOVE these types of passion projects...

so anyways, this has been another one of my what is she talking about blogs...if you know me, you'll know that this is pretty much how i am in person!  ha.  i'm miss fly off twelve tangents...

hope to be back to hk soon, but meanwhile, i will continue shooting with the team, continue developing with new teams, and keep laughing, laughing, laughing...cuz that's the best thing in life, right?  take care!

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way to go!.. not everyone getta do what he/she loves.. has passion for.. anyhow, have fun! working.. and do keep your blogs coming.. simplicity can be fancy too.. cheers!..
almost 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
was great seeing you again!!! guess what? i'm coming to la for the film fest! just bought my ticket yesterday!
almost 13 years ago
Photo 1967
Yeah, I was looking at the photos, and you two looked so different.... yet alike, somehow.
almost 13 years ago
Photo 24183
Hi Eugenia, I think I have taken a tiny tiny step towards reaching my dream... Can't say anything more about it yet... BTW, I also love ONCE too! I almost cry each time when I hear the girl sing, Are you really here or am I dreaming I can’t tell dreams from truth For it’s been so long since I have seen you I can hardly remember your face anymore When I get really lonely and the distance calls its only silence I think of you smiling with pride in your eyes a lover that sighs If you want me satisfy me If you want me satisfy me Are you really sure that you believe me When others say I lie I wonder if you could ever despise me You know I really try To be a better one to satisfy you for you’re everything to me And I do what you ask me If you let me be free If you want me satisfy me If you want me satisfy me If you want me satisfy me
almost 13 years ago
Stephen 93 stephen
And to think that the movie was initially conceived as a DVD special feature for the band's DVD album release... funny how things eventually turn out...
almost 13 years ago
Img 3929
I miss you chi!!! Your trip this time was definitely no long enough...we didn't even get to have a night out!
over 12 years ago
Img 20150314 wa0041
wow, a gorgeous family! Ur mom is a great actress.
over 12 years ago


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