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not happy to be home

i am back in la. got in two days ago.  left everyone behind...sisters, bro, mom, cousins, uncle, nieces, godson, my twin nieces/my babies, everyone...and i'm back here in la, upset that i'm so far away...i had to come back cuz they had a slasher schedule, then they rescheduled but it was too late to change the flight and well whatever...i'm here.  they're there.  i miss everyone. i miss hk...i had a great time shooting with t and kit.  i was so worried about the cantonese and perfecting it along with the acting, and when it came time, we all just...it was just great, i loved the experience and am so grateful to have had it...thank you kit and t...and i met new friends, jane, who was so awesome...sometimes i just feel like, why am i here?  but i guess i should be happy with what i have going on in la right now...it's just, it's always hard when i first leave...i always miss...am sad... i want to go back to hk soon.  very soon.  like next month soon.  the slasher is supposedly starting mid month.  who knows?  this business is crazy.  how to stay sane? 

was so happy with my family for new year's...we went to disneyland, with all of the kids, then came back and partied and got a bit crazy foolish, dancing around, having a great time...i love my family...i love my cousins, they all rock.  of course my sisters and my brother rock.

it's the new year...i should start off happier, and look forward to good times, happy experiences, adventure...seeing them again...making it a point to go see them.  it's most important.  always...i hope that they're all having fun together in shanghai...i miss them lots and lots...i hope everyone's holidays were wonderful and that the new year is filled with promise...take care

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I had a hard time leaving HK in November. Although my last night was a memorable one, the cab ride to the airport the next morning was a very sad one. I can't wait to go back. Next time, I plan to stay much, much longer. :) Hang in there, Eug. You have a lot to look forward to.
about 13 years ago
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hugz :D Its hard to leave your family ;) hope you feel well soon
about 13 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
I'm sorry I couldn't meet up with you while you were here. Please hurry back when you are able so that we can go sushi-eating again! Take care of yourself!
about 13 years ago
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It's always tough to leave good friends and good times behind but there's always something to look forward to. When I left HK in July, I was feeling much better about my miscarriage and then I became pregnant right away! You just never know what's around the corner for you......
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