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Missing in Action

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to apologize for not keeping on top of my bloggn'

I was focusing on getting more in shape, and I actually hurt myself. No pain no gain right?? RIGHT!! ha-ha I ended up tearing part of my abdominal wall.  OUCH!!!

Anyways, I may be going into the hospital soon to have the surgery to repair the damage, until then I am taking my Vicodin. But remember! Just Say no to Drugs!!  (unless you are in pain and its prescribed by a doctor.)

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Attack of the Mummy!

Ok... This Blog entry will actually be for real instead of the joke entries I have been putting up. This past weekend I was in San Francisco and San Jose partly on business and partly for fun... Living in Los Angeles you welcome any chance to get out of town!! :)

  Elliott takes the shuttle to Avis

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When Stars attack...

OK... another funny article.


LOS ANGELES—An attack by Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman Monday left four handlers injured and two in intensive care, where they are listed in serious but stable condition. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

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Walmart Cake

This was an interesting story that I read... I think that the people at Walmart need a little more training... What do you think?

An insurance office employee was moving to another branch office, so her co-workers decided to give her a going away party. The co-workers ordered a cake from Walmart. The real cake is pictured above. The conversation ...Read more

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Coca-Cola Mandatory

ATLANTA—At a press conference Monday, the Coca-Cola company unveiled Coke Mandatory, a new version of its signature soft drink "as refreshing as it is obligatory."

"Yes, Coke has done it again," said Gerald Hasworth, Coca-Cola vice-president of product development. "We've taken the classic taste the whole world...Read more

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My HK Trip

I wanted to share some of the general trip pics from this past trip to Hong Kong.

This is me going up the escalator out of the MTR near Alyssa's cousin's Apartment. (He works in Dubai, so we had the apartment to ourselves). It gave us the chance to get a feel of what it's like for the locals. (plus I was the only white guy walking around the complex... got lots of looks from the older folk) 

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Asian Film Awards - 2008

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to post some pics of Alyssa & I at the Asian Film Awards. It was a great time. Alyssa even got a pic with Jaycee Chan! The wonderful 2R were presenters at the event, and were as charming as ever! :)

Alyssa & I right after the show ended... MAN... they start the take down right away!

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Well its official. I have the flu. I went to a doctor locally and he prescribed for me some antibiotics... It kind of sucks! haha But what can ya do. Been coughing a lot too. Tonight is the big Asian Film Awards presentation. I can't wait... I will take lots of pics and post soon.   :)

One interesting fact though... the cost of the visit to a private doctor here in HK was $130 HKD for the visit (with medicine it was like $180 HKD). All about equal to $23 USD. Further evidence that the US Healthcare system SUCKS.


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Here in HK

Hey Everyone,

OK... I suck. :(  I talked about putting in entries daily in HK, but I didnt do it! :(  Sorry!

Its been a great trip so far, and I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people here face to face! (you know who you are!) ha-ha

I dont have access to the internet like I would like, so its slowing me down a bit. Plus, I think I am getting sick!!  AYE YAH!!  Last night I started to develop a nagging cough... its a little worse today... Gotta nip it in the BUD! So looking for some heavy duty cough medicine......Read more

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Preparing For Hong Kong

Well, in 24 hours I will be getting on a plane to come to Hong Kong. Whenever I fly there, I always freak out a little that I will forget to pack something... So I am in that mode right now. I always over pack too. I end up buying a lot of clothes at Giordano and G2000, so this time, I am hoping to bring just a couple of things, then come back with lots of nice new clothes!

Today was REALLY busy. I had lunch with the actor John Capodice. We were discussing my film project "The Ad Game". He is buddies with the actor ...Read more

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