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Well its official. I have the flu. I went to a doctor locally and he prescribed for me some antibiotics... It kind of sucks! haha But what can ya do. Been coughing a lot too. Tonight is the big Asian Film Awards presentation. I can't wait... I will take lots of pics and post soon.   :)

One interesting fact though... the cost of the visit to a private doctor here in HK was $130 HKD for the visit (with medicine it was like $180 HKD). All about equal to $23 USD. Further evidence that the US Healthcare system SUCKS.


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AHHH NOOO >.< i hate being sick!!!! get better soon! i just recently caught the 24 hr flu cuz of stinkin school. but hahaha i got lucky. it passed over in less than 12 ^^ gett better soon!!!!!!!
almost 13 years ago
rest well for the event.. have great! night snaping around.. =)
almost 13 years ago
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oh,you are serious than i thought before. take care.
almost 13 years ago
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nice comparison between the two systerms hahaha take more rest , we cant wait for the pix and blog about the event !
almost 13 years ago
O dear dear ...hope u'll get well soon =) Take gd care =))) Well wishes, Rozy
almost 13 years ago


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