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Preparing For Hong Kong

Well, in 24 hours I will be getting on a plane to come to Hong Kong. Whenever I fly there, I always freak out a little that I will forget to pack something... So I am in that mode right now. I always over pack too. I end up buying a lot of clothes at Giordano and G2000, so this time, I am hoping to bring just a couple of things, then come back with lots of nice new clothes!

Today was REALLY busy. I had lunch with the actor John Capodice. We were discussing my film project "The Ad Game". He is buddies with the actor Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds / Godfather 3, The Simpsons), John is certain that he will do my film. He was going to talk to him to get him "Officially" on board this week. That is REALLY exciting. I am a fan of his work... He can play a scary mob guy, but he is equally as funny!!

So many things to prep for!  I am really looking forward to coming to HK...

But in a weird way, I enjoy the 15 hour long flight... I guess for me its like an extended period where I am forced to sit still. It allows me to slow down a bit. I guess in a weird way too its an opportunity for self reflection too.

I am debating doing a video blog of my trip. But it could be interesting to talk about some of the meetings I will be having, and some of the things that I will be doing there. I may try to get some footage on the plane...

Anyways... I can't wait to get the trip rolling!

Check back soon.

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Wow cool, Joe Mantegna in the Simpsons?! need to look up on IMDB lol! Anyway enjoy the flight, the 13 hr flight to taiwan already gets me whining XDDD Hope you have fun!
almost 13 years ago
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Have a safe trip! Sound like you have a really promising, exciting trip ahead of you. Packing is always the most stressful thing but like that idea....bring little, bring back lots :-) I find that if you pack ahead of time, it's almost guarantee you won't forget at least something important. Thank you for sharing the details....Love criminal minds....
almost 13 years ago
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Hk is a great Place to do shopping . make sure your suitcase is big enough ! have a safe trip !
almost 13 years ago
cool, I love Hk!!! Hope everything goes well for the movie!!! Looking forward those videoblogs =P
almost 13 years ago
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Lets get in touch when you get back. Don't forget to pack your Ipod and some advil. Have a safe flight over and take care, Annie
almost 13 years ago
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ha! m2 enjoy long flight ,same reason. what/s your new film project about ? if i can ask.
almost 13 years ago
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oh you'll have a great time in HK! i miss it so much ~~~ have a safe flight! looking forward to your next blog from HK! ^^
almost 13 years ago


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