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Here in HK

Hey Everyone,

OK... I suck. :(  I talked about putting in entries daily in HK, but I didnt do it! :(  Sorry!

Its been a great trip so far, and I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people here face to face! (you know who you are!) ha-ha

I dont have access to the internet like I would like, so its slowing me down a bit. Plus, I think I am getting sick!!  AYE YAH!!  Last night I started to develop a nagging cough... its a little worse today... Gotta nip it in the BUD! So looking for some heavy duty cough medicine... Back home I would talk to my friend the doctor and get me some Prometh with codine! (Not to sound like a druggie...but its good stuff) hehe

Anyways... I will write some more interesting stories soon... and post them... I have had a few embarrasing moments... (which are always a staple to my Hong Kong trips) hehe

Talk to you all soon!


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i look forward to read your embarrasing stories,they must be lively. i am a cruel womanIOI take care.poor guy
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