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My HK Trip

I wanted to share some of the general trip pics from this past trip to Hong Kong.

This is me going up the escalator out of the MTR near Alyssa's cousin's Apartment. (He works in Dubai, so we had the apartment to ourselves). It gave us the chance to get a feel of what it's like for the locals. (plus I was the only white guy walking around the complex... got lots of looks from the older folk) 

This is the front door/dining area and living room. It was a nice cozy 3 bedroom place. It helps you appreciate how much space we have back home, and how much we waste. (do we really need 4 closets full of clothes??)

This was the view out the window of one of the rooms of the apartment. I made it into my little office while I was there. You can see this is the entrance of the Eastern tunnel going from Kowloon side to the island.

This is Alyssa and I at the Spaghetti House in Causeway Bay. The service kind of sucked, and the food was overpriced for what it was. But the view was nice, and the atmosphere was nice too. (gotta love those soft rock songs of the 80's) :)

Here I am playng with my iphone knock off... Not as good as the real thing, but at least it takes a sim card and could be used in HK. :)  My Palm Centro for some reason couldn't get a signal... Errr...

Here we were taking the train to go to the movies. We say CJ7... We both liked it. After talking with some local friends we heard that most local Stephen Chow fans didn't like the movie. Go figure... :)  We didn't know what the movie was about, so maybe that was good... No Expectations...

Ok... For the HK peeps this may seem like a pretty stupid pic... (and it is I suppose) But back home in LA, McDonalds sucks pretty bad... and there are no cafe's. (Still very Red & Yellow Ronald McDonald themed circa 1970's) This was one of the best Hot Chocolates I have had in a long time! :)    *Simple pleasures are the best...

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Photo 39850
hows the movie anyways ? they say its a family movie . nice apartment ! I havent had hot chocolates for a while , seems pretty yummy ! thanks for sharing these pix with us ! enjoy your trip in HK !
almost 13 years ago
Photo 31055
Look like your trip was a success. These photo are priceless....boys I missed Hong Kong. The apartment....well, is really really nice....compare to well, the Bayarea living here for us...at least there, they make the most out of it. Thank you for sharing.
almost 13 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
oh... And McDonald's have these tasty chicken wings along with this mildly spicy Thai sauce. We don't have those in Toronto.
almost 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
are you still in hk?
almost 13 years ago
Photo 496435
i want that coffee :) looks delicious, yumyyyyy
over 11 years ago
Photo 496435
i'm going to do my coffee now :D
over 11 years ago


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