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Attack of the Mummy!

Ok... This Blog entry will actually be for real instead of the joke entries I have been putting up. This past weekend I was in San Francisco and San Jose partly on business and partly for fun... Living in Los Angeles you welcome any chance to get out of town!! :)

  Elliott takes the shuttle to Avis

 Cool Cable Car just outside Urban Outfitters in S.F.

 Cable Car tracks in the street.

Elliott & Alyssa In S.F.


 Gate to Chinatown!

 The Mission in Santa Clara

 Jesus yo!


Santa Clara University.. The oldest college in California!

Santa Clara University.. The oldest college in California!

The infamous Winchester Mystery House! *If you don't know about this place... it was built by the widow of the Winchester family (Winchester Rifles)... After the sudden death of her infant and then her Husband 15 years later she was told by a psychic that she was being cursed by the souls of the people that were killed by the Winchester Rifle... And the only way she could escape the demons was to move and build a house... (keep building to confuse the spirits) She built for 34 years until her death in 1923.

Check out the roof tops!

This house was kinda creepy while also having a sense of beauty... She built stairways that went straight to the ceiling... and doors that opened to brick walls... Kinda crazy...

The pictures below... LOOK AT WITH CAUTION...

We found in San Jose an Egyptian Museum!! I was soo surprised! They even had REAL mummies and a replica of a tomb from egypt that was built as an exact replica that you can walk through... Was REALLY cool... The pics below are kinda scary if you dont like skeletons... But when ya think that these mummies are over 2000 years old, it's REALLY amazing!

This guy was 5 feet tall... It was average height for a man in that period due to the poor diets...

I think I will be cremated and not buried... I would hate to wind up in a museum!

This mummy was of a 28 year old woman... Hard to see from this picture... but she had beautiful teeth! Considering they are 2000+ year old... they are in AMAZING shape...

*I know... kind of a weird thing to say, huh?! :)  *When I was little I wanted to be a dentist! haha


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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Bring on more mummies. I wanted to be an Egyptologist until I was 20. Then I started taking classes in Egyptology at the university and saw who the graduate students and professors were in the field. That grim news, coupled with the prospect of 10 plus years of studies of too many dead languages (and I thought I wasn't good in languages in those days--ha, now I'm working on Cantonese, my 6th or 7th language at last count) convinced me to switch to art history. (I couldn't get a job in that field, either, it turns out.) But I still love all things having to do with Ancient Egypt. If I hadn't taken up Cantonese and learning to read and write Chinese, I would have probably studied hieroglyphs. I think the Chinese will end up being much more useful. Not too much written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that I care to read. I can't say the same for Chinese. :-)
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Photo 31055
Aww, you were like 15 minutes from where I live and I passed by these places in the photo so often but now I won't look at them the same way :-) No Santana Row photo consider it's across from Winchester House :-( Love this blog and the *promo* for NorCal... =P
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Photo 31055
I always laugh when seeing people taking the photo with all the hearts in Union Square and I always wonder what they would say when they show their friends that photo...well now I know :-) But then again, I probably get laugh at when I'm doing the same thing when visiting SoCal.
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Photo 31055
Attack of the Mummy, very creative subject: to get us to read the blog :-) You know in some classes we still have to pray and read the bible before class start? It's an amazing school.
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Photo 39850
well , I see , you should have fix some of her teeth
over 12 years ago
Photo 16258
Wow those mummies are amazing! It would be really cool to see one but I think I'd be really scared....
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