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85Up2 Mixtape

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i got sick, hopefully its not the swine flu

yes. i got a flu. Resting at home the entire day.

Went to the Colliseum(probably wrong spelling) last night with Kz to check out Jan Lam's show.

Thanks to Phat for bringing us in. It was my 1st time there. The backstage was nice, the front was even better. 9000+ people in the audience looks mad cool! haha. Yup. Hopefully we can get Kz's album done! it's way too long overdued! I gotta promise a classic!

back to school tomorrow after a 1 day holiday of sleepin at home Read more

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Production Sunday

With school and my wack ass computer, it's hard work on music. We met up and discussed about our direction and aim last night.

So me and Dennis Zee stayed in the lab the whole day and worked on new beats. With a new direction after the mixtape, we're now experimenting new sounds, synths, new arrangements and dug new samples. With a few beats done and some bangers coming up, we wish to get back to work and record new songs.

We'll probably release a couple of singles online, and when the time is right, we'll dr...Read more

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these couple of days

Started school in APA. Bethanie is too beautiful of a school campus, i rather stay in the wan chai campus. A beautiful place with a 100yrs of history in a secluded location might be eerie sometimes. i cant imagine studyin here for 4yrs.

but i gotta get my degree and go with the flow. hopefully i'll get used to it. NO. in fact i cant get used to being in school and u being at work. I miss those days when i would come to ur shop and chill with u. then help u close the door after work and walk around mongkok with u. damn now i o...Read more

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INK's Mixtape

Yall probably know INK as a local beatboxer. Well he makes beats too. With a bunch of stuff like computers, mpcs, keyboards and all. Not with his mouth.

We're currently in the lab now working on his mixtape. It will obviously feature me and also a lot of special guests!

We gonna let yall check out the 1st song from this p...Read more

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Forever - Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYLCQvGkV5w

WTF!!! This shit is nasty! Eminem killed it!

What's all the buzz about Drake and why is a new cat like him given opportunities to work with big shots like Em?

Kanye did his thang. vintage kanye.

Lil wayne's verse is worse than fallin off my bed halfway thru my sleep. He finally got his wish to do a collabo with Eminem though

Eminem is ...Read more

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Club Zaza

sup yall!? been lazy and didnt update the blog.

just did a show at zaza the other night. 85up2, Sangfan, Dj xLarge! We rocked it!

Shout outs to ah Kit from 24herbs to be the only one spinning music that we dig that night!!

thanks to everyone who came and supported! appreciate it!

Kodie, Kwokkin and me rocking the mic<...Read more

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The Untold Story

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEv91dwW-r0

Anthony Wong is my favourite actor. The Untold Story is a local classic that got him the best actor award back in 93. It has him murdering a bunch of people and making buns out of human flesh.

His new movie Vengeance is gonna be out tomorrow! I have to watch it with my girl!

You guys gotta go buy a vcd of The Untold Story!! Its probably only costs 19hk dollars!!

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