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Slumdog Millionaire

Went to watch this movie with Eva yesterday. Slumdog Millionaire deserves all the awards and nominations. Every shot in the movie has been designed to create a certain atmosphere the director wanted to portray. The flow of the movie is just nice for us to understand the main character Jamal's life without feeling bored. The music scores throughout the movie also added emphasis to create a certain feeling. Was happy to hear M.I.A's voice for a couple of times in the movie.

If u didnt know by now, Slumdog Millionaire is about a boy from the slums who entered the game show "who wants to be a millionaire", hoping that the girl he likes, Latika would notice him. Suprisingly, he knew the answer to all the questions in the show and this raised suspicion to whether he cheated. The movie starts here, where the police detained him and threatened him. They asked him how he knew each answer and he recalls small chapters of his life growing up in the slums which provided him with the solutions.

Brilliant story-telling. this movie creates a contrast of how experiences of the poorest guy made him the direct opposite, the richest dude. I take it as a metaphor to certain things in life. seriously have to sit down and reflect a bit.

By the way, i dont remember the names of the 3 musketeers..


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