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Reflection Eternal

Damn.. where do i start.....? Time passes so slowly when your hanging on to certain memories.. Sometimes Time flies when you're not aware.. Can't believe that i've lived in HongKong for like two and a half years. Can't believe that i graduated from secondary school back in 2005..

New friends became good friends, old friends became memories that are fading away.. The culture shock is not a problem anymore. Still remember how hard it was for me to adapt to life here and waste all of my cash on trips to Singapore and Malaysia.

The future can't be predicted.. Never in my life would I have guessed that I'll screw up my parents' plans time after time. Never thought that shit would end up like this.. Not exactly depressed right now, I'm actually quite happy and contented with what i have at this moment. I'm just having a little reflection on how my life has changed. 

Still remember the nights cycling with my homeboys near our neighbourhood. Still remember skipping school back then with Howie and ended up eating prata in the market. Still remember the early recording sessions we had when Garuda would tell me not to go off-beat. Still remember getting my 1st job editing videos in the midnight with Michael.  Still remember going to SG for holidays and staying over at JiaRong's house. Still remember going to Cheung Chau with a bunch of friends from the Arts School. Still remember the party at Redang Island with 85UP2, Calvin, Manhand, Soft Lipa, Delafat and all the beatiful people...

This is a pic I took at JiaRong's house while i was packing up and getting ready to fly back to HK. A sad pic to me, makes me think a lot for some reason. The pic is made up the bedsheet i was sleeping on for those 2weeks. A bunch of SG dollars and my passport. It symbolizes the strange culture shock and the way i felt about my life..

So.. i don't give a fuck if no one reads this shit.. im jus writing this to remind myself bout where I was and where I'm headed.. Anyways, I love and appreciate each and everyone of you.


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