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Production Sunday

With school and my wack ass computer, it's hard work on music. We met up and discussed about our direction and aim last night.

So me and Dennis Zee stayed in the lab the whole day and worked on new beats. With a new direction after the mixtape, we're now experimenting new sounds, synths, new arrangements and dug new samples. With a few beats done and some bangers coming up, we wish to get back to work and record new songs.

We'll probably release a couple of singles online, and when the time is right, we'll drop the 85UP2 album!! Stay tuned!

Don't let anyone fool you! Dennis Zee is the number 1 beatmaker in hk and yall can't fuck with that! Yall just trailing far behind while he hops on a rocket and launches into space! I got a lot to learn from this dude who works as a banker for a living and make beats to kill yall.


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