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When in Taiwan

Got back from Taiwan few days ago...  We ate loads of great food and played a show for Josie Ho at the wall!  The Wall is a pretty sweet place to play a show... great sound crew there!  They did a great job... Very pro... Again it depresses me that HK doesn't have a venue like this!!!

Adrian's dream is to become a storm trooper... All he needs is a suit and his life is complete...

Taiwan is way chill and the atmosphere is way more laid back... A huge contrast to HK where everything is NOWNOWNOW!!!  Taiwan people are very friendly... I esp like the cab drivers... Some of them give you discounts!  People in Taiwan can speak pretty good English, right Kev???... Heehehehee...




  ALL GONE!!!!  MMMMMMmmmmmm so damn good!!!

Soup with Pork Balls included!!! Delicious!!!

Man, food in Taiwan and Japan has been so awesome that I'm beginning to not like eating in HK anymore!!!!

Our last day was spent at the airport from 2:30pm till 10:30pm!!!!! Our flight was delayed from 4:20pm to 5:50pm to 7:20pm then they said Midnight!!!!! So we walked around, saw the Hello Kitty part for EVA airlines and ate more food (Taiwan Airport had the slowest Subway Sandwich makers) then we decided to head back for the last 2 hours at the Gate at 10pm and woohoo!!! The plane left without us!!!!!  Nice!!!!  Luckily we had angry Asian girl power with us... and we got on the next possible flight and got upgraded to Business....  Damn right!!!  I had to hold Adrian down... He was slowly turning Green and bulging out of his Tshirt... But we got what we wanted in the end!!!

I hope Audiotraffic will come back to TW soon... We wanna rock with you!!!.. All Night.. Dance with you... Sunlight!!!  (NAME THAT SONG!!!!)

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i want to see Audiotraffic cover some michael jackson...
over 15 years ago
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so let me get this straight, you missed your flight cause you got lost in the wonderland that is Hello Kitty land?
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your new friend.
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looks like a sweet setup!
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Kevinli da kevinli
what am i gonna say in my blog now u have said it all...
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There are 2 things holding back a decent live music venue in Hong Kong (1) rent in convenient areas and (2) liquor license restrictions and HK people laziness to travel in non-convenient areas. Show me a property which can get a late liquor license, and people will happily travel to every week, then I'll do the rest!!! Really mate, I've been looking for years.
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DUDE..a year ago i was at the same spot at the airport in taiwan...I just could not believe my eyes....People were just super happy ...it just shows where these people are in their lives and what matters...whatever makes them happy I guess....sad but true !!
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