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Tan Yoto

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HK Dog Rescue in need of rescuing

The Hong Kong Dog Rescue charity are to be evicted from their Pok Fu Lam kennel property come February 2010. Please do not comment about corporate greed as that is not the issue here: The current property owners (Jones LaSalle) are simply exercising their right to make money. Instead, please comment if you have any bright ideas otherwise head over to the HKDR web-site, contact the staff and see if you can help. Three months to shift a charity & volunteer ...Read more

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Black Eyed Peas suck ass

I couldn't have summed this up better myself. Check the video below for a nice little internet rant. I saw the BEP track accidentally on MTV at the Marriot and quite frankly this pile of shit was worse than the latest auto-tuned effort from Madonna which preceded it... right after BEP finished there was some other crap featuring P.Diddy and/or Kayne West and/or Obama or whoever the hell it was deemed necessary by the label to appear on some otherwise anonymous track in order to sell ring-tones... I was still in shock from the BEP...Read more

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Video from recent Japan gig

Thanks to (the man, the legend) lighting & video tech Luke Hall for uploading these videos. More party vids to watch if you click through to his YouTube channel. He filled up about 40GB’s full of smart card over the 4 day trip, so I expect there will be much more added when he returns to Hong Kong; rock’n'roll techno jet setter that he is.

Track IDs – this was towards the end of my set & I’d used up all the suitable new tracks – ...Read more

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millions to die from H1N1 Pig Flu

That got your attention. Can the planet please fucking calm down a bit a put this into perspective? The link below is a real-time map from Google showing REPORTED CASES of pig flu ... OK? Let me type that again:  reported cases of pig flu in humans ... not deaths ... not mass uncontrolled outbreaks but simply individual cases and their eventual outcome. Before looking at the map, please read this: >Purple marker with a black dot is confirmed or probable case. 

Pink marker with a black dot is a suspected case.

...Read more
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David Bowie - Cracked Actor documentary

BBC documentary following David Bowie in & around 1974. Link below goes to part 1 of 5. One (perhaps not so startling) thing I will say - how many contemporary songs & bands pull cues from the music present in this documentary. Know thine influence! Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKILbensN6I

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The Dead Weather (aka Jack White side-project)

Brilliant little track track for the weekend. Shame the audio quality is so bad.(edit: better quality audio on TDW home page, plus a cover version of Gary Numan's Are Friend's electric!  http://www.thedeadweather.com)Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scJ8ITsZsl4

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MTV ... damn you suck

MTV's Greatest Albums Ever
Right. Actually ... the link isn't even worth discussing ... just felt like pointing it out!

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an experiment ... join me

Wanted to make the process behind my current album project as public as possible.

Video is too ego indulgent ... posting up MP3 clips gives too much away. So - thanks to a long forgotten function on my mobile - I am able & going to upload photos directly from my phone to Blogger every few hours until this third album gets finished.

Things that catch my eye, sources of ideas for songs, research I'm working on, shots of the studio & collaborators as they swing through. Or shots of where I slope-off when l...Read more

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roland sh-5


Roland SH-5 finally arrived, safe and mint from Japan, smelling like… well, smelling like an old dusty garage. This thing is the same age as me (1976) although it has faired time better. I added some high-res (big!) front panel photos of the various synth sections, to my Read more

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