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re: Glam trash live Rocked Hard

Congratulation to  "Josie and the Uni Boys",  John Y, Zing, Vicks, Titi, Wow music, Grassroots and all that helped out and came to support the gig!!

Ultra success, with heads bopping, legs rocking and bodies dancing!!!!!

A lil dark on myself with a swear word slipping out.. potty mouth!!

More rock gigs!! alterntive gigs!! Punk gigs!! Hip hop gigs!!

Just more music please!!!!!!!!!!!

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Glam Trash Live

Peace All,

You must go toGlam Trash Live!!!!!

She's glamourous, She's Trashy, She's Sexy, She ROCKS!! Yes she is also my wife!!!

Look forward to going up on stage again with my better half!!!! Last time was when Alive was around.. rocked then.. will ROCK HARDER!!! Come enjoy, rock out and destroy!!

"Acting Like a Maniac.. WHIPLASH!!!!" -metallica

SE...Read more

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Bad Karma

Peace Hommies!!!!

Hope everyone has had a good CNY holiday, for those not into CNY, hope you guys have had a great period in time!!!!! During festive seasons, it's more important than ever to focus on the good vibes and karma! It seems that people nowadays love to harp on non progressive, trivial and absolutely bad vibes!! Why? Because this is the public interest or is this the shit that feeds the public? Whatever the case maybe, open your mind and think for yourself!! To fight for justice does not mean to fuel a fire of injustice! Go o...Read more

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BUY FROM AnD 24Herbs Self titled Debut Album!!!! | 從新開張的AnD網上商店購買24Herbs新專輯!!!!!!

Peace Everyone!!

Feel chillin now.. albums out!!

Get a Copy from the newly opened AnD store!!!!!!! Really happy to feel the vibe around town about our 24 herbs album!!

Went into CR2 with Phat, Kit and GS..

did interviews with Sum mei+Siu yi, GC goobee+Ottton, Inti and Mini!!

Really great interviews with them!!! thanks for promoting the culture and being behind...Read more

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Good to see more and more hommies joining!!! | 越來越多的好朋友加入真好!!!

Peace guys,

God to see more hommies on the site!!!

Support everyone!!

Juni, Vincent, Cherie, Ankie, Soler, MC Yan..

AnD the power of the new generation!!



很開心我們網站又加入了更多好朋友!!! 支持每個人!!

Juni、Vincent、Cherie、Ankie、Soler、MC Yan…AnD新一代的力量!!


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24 Herbs

24herbs on the 24th at Delay No Mall!!

The day has finally come: tommorrow!!

24th January.. 24 Herbs is dropping their album!!!!!

We'll be launching at Delay No Mall.. A double launch!!!!

24 Herbs debut album is aptly named "24 Herbs"

Alot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into this album..

ok food, beats and beers!!

Support us buy a cd and bounce your head!!!

For those living in HK the cd is available at most cd/dvd retail stores..

Overseas hommies.. Read more

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Hope you all have a rockin 2008 | 祝福各位2008更酷辣

Happy New Year to all of you out there in 2008!!

All my best wishes and a big rockin 2008!!

It's been that big last year that it"s already this year!!

How"s eveyone going??

What can I say.. I feel like I"m on a freight train and it"s good to get rest when there is time!!!!

Christmas was mainly alot of sleeping!!!

Then Now it"s the second week of new years 2008!!!


Well just to recap!!

Thanks for al...Read more

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the secret | 秘密

In this day and age a bit of positive thinking can go a long way!!

| 今時今日,稍許正面的想法就能很持久!!

Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-162896872199328689&q=The+Secret&total=86980&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0

Check out this video and discover the secret!!!

| 看這個短片,揭示秘密!!

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Cruiser Video | Cruiser短片

Peace Everyone,

How's it all going?

Been working hard to create and release more projects!

Tmrw there will be the release of my "Cruiser" video..

What"s your color is the theme??

Check it out for a chuckle!!

My color: amber gold!! haha!!

Hawaii.. as you guys have heard was the bomb!! definitely chillin place!!

AFM was a very productive trip!!

Now I finally get time to stay at home in HK for a bit!!!

We're into the final stages of t...Read more

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disclosure project | 揭露計劃

amazing 400 military, nsa, navy, army come out to tell there story! held at the national press club NY

| 令人稱奇,400個軍方人士、國安局、軍隊出來講述他們親歷的飛碟事件!在紐約國家新聞俱樂部舉行。 | 令人称奇,400个军方人士、国安局、军队出来讲述他们亲历的飞碟事件!在纽约国家新闻俱乐部举行。

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vyVe-6YdUk

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