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Hope you all have a rockin 2008 | 祝福各位2008更酷辣

Happy New Year to all of you out there in 2008!!

All my best wishes and a big rockin 2008!!

It's been that big last year that it"s already this year!!

How"s eveyone going??

What can I say.. I feel like I"m on a freight train and it"s good to get rest when there is time!!!!

Christmas was mainly alot of sleeping!!!

Then Now it"s the second week of new years 2008!!!


Well just to recap!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!

Thanks for all the Christmas wishes!!

Thanks for the new year wishes!!


2008 BLOG.. period!!!!!!

I don"t know if it"s me  or I"m just too overloaded!!

sometimes I feel really over blasted by anything electronic!!

blackberry's, tv's, laptops, video walls... blip blip blip blip blip!!!

funny as I studied engineering..

wouldn"t it be great to meet face to face, eye to eye!!

ok.. back to reality!!!

Worked on 2 films last couple of months!!

Trivial Matters working opposite Shawn Yue..

I play a happy go lucky bowling manager.. a great film that continues to break boundaries!!

And the other film is with directors Alan Mak and Felix Chong starring opposite Sammy Cheng!!

Real delight to work with Alan, Felix and Sammy! The whole crew was magnificent and just felt we did some good work!!

Well this year is already a bumper year!!

We finally release 24 HERBS DEBUT ALBUM!!! 24 HERBS!!

Long awaited but I can assure you welll worth it!!!!

We'll be playing at the San miguel Wild Day out on the 12th this saturday around 5pm or so!!

Jo is around 6pm!!

It'l be a cracker-jack sunset!!!

Come and check it out.. we both have a bumpin sets!!

Also mark this bitch on your calender!!!!!!

1/24 24 HERBS Album release at Delay No More!!!!

It's a double party with album release and Delay No More's opening party!!

Come and check us out!! We are pumped and ready to tear the roof down everywhere!!

24 Herbs is in da house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really proud of the boys.. it"s been alot of fun and hard sweat and tears!!

We hope we can bring you alot of enjoyment and satisfaction in the next couple of months!!!!

Anyway really would love to bump into you face to face.. say what's up and have a BIG 2008!!



| 各位2008新年快樂! 奉上所有祝願,希望大家有美好的一年!! 去年很充實,新的一年已經到來!! 各位過得怎麽樣?? 能說什麽呢…感覺自己象在一列貨車上,到站休息真不錯!!!! 聖誕節睡了很多覺!!! 現在已經是2008新年的第二周!!! 啊哈!! 剛過了生日!! 謝謝生日祝福!! 謝謝聖誕祝福!! 謝謝新年祝福!! 啊哈!!

2008博客…年代!!!!!!!! 不知道只有我這麽覺得…還是因為我超負荷!! 有時感覺被電子商品壓得喘不過氣!! 黑黴、電視、筆記本、電視墻…blip blip blip blip blip!!! 有趣的是我學的是工程… 如果能面對面、眼睛直視眼睛該有多好!!

OK…回到現實!!! 近幾個月在忙兩部電影!! 《破事兒》跟余文樂一起工作… 我扮演一位無憂無慮的保齡球經理…這是部打破常規的偉大電影!! 另一部電影由麥兆輝和莊文強導演,跟鄭秀文演對手戲!! 和麥兆輝、莊文強和鄭秀文一起工作真的很開心!整個劇組都很棒,拍出了一部好作品!! 今年已經豐收!! 我們終於發布了24 HERBS首張專輯!!! 24 HERBS!! 經過了長時間的等待,但我保證你值得!!!! 我們將在12日(周六)約5 PM在生力Wild Day out上演出!! 何超儀的演出在6點左右! 將會是撼天動地的日落!!! 到現場來看我們演出吧…我們做好了準備!! 在你的日程表上做個標記!!!!!! 1月24日,24 HERBS新專輯將在Delay No More發布!!!! 新專輯發布和Delay No More開業的雙重慶祝party!! 到現場來欣賞!!我們將上足馬力,把屋頂掀翻!!

24 Herbs來襲!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 真為這些男孩驕傲…期間經過了許多苦樂,和著汗水和淚水!! 希望後面幾個月能為你帶來更多快樂和滿足!!!! 好了,真的想跟你面對面一起玩…祝福你有個充實的2008!!

和平 子聰

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i think 2008 will be a good year for a lot of people, especially 24! looking forward to saturday!
over 15 years ago
HAVE A BLAST 2008 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD HEALTH N HAPPINESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XX rozy
over 15 years ago
over 15 years ago
Happy New Year Baba! Can't wait for the 24 Herbs album launch! See you @ Wild Day Out dog!
over 15 years ago



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