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24 Herbs

24herbs on the 24th at Delay No Mall!!

The day has finally come: tommorrow!!

24th January.. 24 Herbs is dropping their album!!!!!

We'll be launching at Delay No Mall.. A double launch!!!!

24 Herbs debut album is aptly named "24 Herbs"

Alot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into this album..

ok food, beats and beers!!

Support us buy a cd and bounce your head!!!

For those living in HK the cd is available at most cd/dvd retail stores..

Overseas hommies.. you can of course get it at alivenotdead.com!!!!!!!!!!! So we'll see all you heads at the gig tmrw!!

yes I wil be inebriated tmrw night!!


conroy aka drunk aka baba

這一天總算來臨:明天!! 1月24日,24 Herbs發布新專輯!!!!! 我們將在Delay No Mall發布..是雙重發布會!!!!

24 Herbs的首張專輯命名為"24 Herbs" 我們為此付出了許多血、汗和淚水..

Ok,食物、節拍和啤酒!! 支持我們,購買一張CD,搖擺你的腦袋!!! 住在香港的朋友到附近的CD/DVD零售店可以買到它.. 海外的朋友們… 當然可以從alivenotdead.com購買!!!!!!!!!!! 明天希望能見到大家!! 沒錯,明晚我又要喝醉了!!

和平,conroy aka drunk aka baba

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hey conroy! getting it ready right now. its dope! :-D
over 15 years ago
Conroy c0 conroy
This one I'm not to sure!! To get the real original for now AnD for overseas!! We'll also try and get some cds for our boys at Giant Robot!!! and selected stores OS for this first run!!I
over 15 years ago
Photo 33405
Hey Conroy, nice meeting you after Wild Day Out. Will definitely be there to support you guys tomorrow!
over 15 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
Hey brotha, I'm not going to be able to make it down on time. I was totally lookin' forward to the release. I'll make sure I pick up a cd. Respect the pok gai! mmm. miss your bbq man.
over 15 years ago



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