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Bad Karma

Peace Hommies!!!!

Hope everyone has had a good CNY holiday, for those not into CNY, hope you guys have had a great period in time!!!!! During festive seasons, it's more important than ever to focus on the good vibes and karma! It seems that people nowadays love to harp on non progressive, trivial and absolutely bad vibes!! Why? Because this is the public interest or is this the shit that feeds the public? Whatever the case maybe, open your mind and think for yourself!! To fight for justice does not mean to fuel a fire of injustice! Go out there create, learn and progress!!  In this day and age, we need more people hitting the positives!! Knowledge is our fuel to balance the karma! Love is our fuel to produce Good Karma!!


Conroy aka baba aka drunk

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Well said! Enough griping about how unfair life is (funny how it is those who live in US, Canada and Europe who seem to have the most to gripe about). Sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things. That's life. Always has been, always will be. Take what comes calmly and try to be the best you can be. If you feel too shitty, focus on doing something for someone else. Amazing how much better it will make you feel to contribute something positive to someone else.
over 15 years ago
Kevinli da kevinli
totally papa con!!....positive is what we all need..........
over 15 years ago
Word! Everyone's got to keep collecting that good karma!
over 15 years ago



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