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BUY FROM AnD 24Herbs Self titled Debut Album!!!! | 從新開張的AnD網上商店購買24Herbs新專輯!!!!!!

Peace Everyone!!

Feel chillin now.. albums out!!

Get a Copy from the newly opened AnD store!!!!!!! Really happy to feel the vibe around town about our 24 herbs album!!

Went into CR2 with Phat, Kit and GS..

did interviews with Sum mei+Siu yi, GC goobee+Ottton, Inti and Mini!!

Really great interviews with them!!! thanks for promoting the culture and being behind 24 herbs!!!!

With minimal promotions it's good as can be!!

Didn't even think about charts  as such but

24 Herbs album has gone from no:14 on the HMV charts to no:7


Anyway buy and album and have a listen!!

If you don't like it just stick it on the wall or give it back to me and I'll stick it up my arse at no cost!!


thanks to all the supporters!!


drunk aka baba aka conroy

很開心…專輯出版啦!! 從新開張的AnD網上商店購買我們的新專輯!!!!!! 很高興大家對24 Herbs新專輯反響熱烈!! 跟Phat、Kit和GS去了CR2…與Sum mei+Siu yi、GC goobee+Ottton、Inti和Mini接受專訪!! 和他們在一起的訪問真棒!!!感謝推廣這文化並支持24 Herbs!!!! 我們的推廣並不多,但很有效!! 沒想過進展如此,但24 Herbs專輯在HMV的銷量排行從第14名上升到第7名 耶!!!

一定要購買專輯,聽一聽!!如果你不喜歡,就想把它貼在墻上或者還給我,我會免費貼在屁股上!! 哈哈!! 感謝各位支持!!

和平 drunk aka baba aka conroy

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i heard you guys were good on the radio! thanks for plugging it on AnD too!
over 15 years ago
Photo 56133
Already Bought it!
over 15 years ago
Photo 23329
i got it the day we came to see ya at delay no mall
over 15 years ago
Photo 23329
i got it the day we came to see ya at delay no mall
over 15 years ago



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